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Munich, May 31, 2022 – The common goal of the Technical College of Ingolstadt and b.telligent as part of a students' project was to analyze and improve addressing of freelancers. We are pleased about our successful cooperation with prospective data experts and have learnt a great deal!

Fascinating insights thanks to TH Ingolstadt

Optimal use of external resources was the focus of a project by three students at the Technical College of Ingolstadt. Over a period of three months as part of this students' project, they dealt with possibilities of analysing and optimizing the addressing of freelancers. b.telligent obtained interesting results and received further information which will be taken into account in future. "Many thanks for the commitment shown by the three students and the professor supervising their project! Training of young data experts is very important to us, and we are pleased about the project's success. These fascinating insights will be acted on directly, and we are already very excited about how future results will turn out," said Sebastian Amtage, founder and managing director of b.telligent.


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Klaus Blaschek, co-founder and managing director of b.telligent, "It is always a pleasure for us to be able to support the data pioneers and implement joint projects. During optimization of our communications with freelancers, the students and their professor had the idea to add common social value by donating to a children's hospice in Ingoldstadt. We were happy to act accordingly and assist this important institution with a donation!"

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