Intel has set itself the goal to make life better for everyone. To drive innovations which make the world safer, to establish healthy and vibrant communities, and to increase productivity. For this, Intel utilizes its global reach to improve societies, economies and the planet. These lofty ambitions borne by a growing sense of urgency can only be realized through collaboration with others. The challenges of the world must be tackled together.

Our partnership

Together with Intel's technology and services, we want to optimize the performance of the cloud infrastructures of prospective as well as existent clients according to the motto: "Mover faster, store more, process everything". Furthermore, we can jointly advance digital transformation of the industry with the help of optimized edge computing solutions.


"Intel helps us meet the challenge of deploying the infrastructure required for machine learning, data management, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. Together we can realize projects and innovations quickly and cost-effectively, as well as implement tailor-made solutions for our clients."



Florian Stein
Senior Consultant Big Data & CloudOps 



Products & services


b.telligent has extensive experience in implementing cloud and edge infrastructure; with the help of Intel's workload-specific resources in the areas of infrastructure and cloud computing, machine learning and AI, we can tailor these jointly to meet clients' needs while reducing costs. With openVINO and IoT Edge Insights, Intel furthermore offers two frameworks for image processing and analyzing time-series data in the cloud and on the edge.

Intel can be combined with these solutions

SQL Server, Oracle Database, vmware (Azure, AWS, GCP), Databricks and WordPress can be set up on Intel technologies to provide optimized performance. The available edge solution offers a telegraph-based message bus, besides allowing integration of InfluxDB, Grafana and the cloud-based edge runtime (Azure, AWS).

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The benefits four your organization

We're technology-neutral vis a vis our direct partner network and the technology market as a whole; we're guided solely by what works best for you.

We know each partner in our extensive network individually and will select a solution that reflects your challenges, your infrastructure, and the legal situation in your country.

We offer end-to-end support – from selection, evaluation, purchasing and implementation, through to operational management.

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