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Munich, December 17, 2020 - Once again this year, b.telligent has made use of the pre-Christmas period to select the social and sustainable projects it intends to support. Our corporate and employee donations will help a total of three different projects in 2021: the "atmosfair" and "Treedom" climate protection organizations and the "children's house" run by the Munich branch of the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund.

Creating awareness of our own footprint

"As a company, we take full responsibility for our own carbon footprint," says b.telligent founder and CEO Sebastian Amtage. "To reduce our emissions, we have cut down on travel by our employees by deploying them closer to their homes. But that alone is not enough." This is why, according to Amtage, b.telligent has decided once again to offset its entire carbon footprint for the past year by means of a donation to the "atmosfair" climate protection organization. "atmosfair" is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help companies and institutions reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the move to a decarbonized economy. Our donations from carbon offsets are also invested in climate protection projects, including the expansion of renewable energies.

b.telligent company forest in Cameroon

Sustainability and environmental awareness also featured prominently in b.telligent employees' choice of Christmas present to their two managing directors. Working closely with the "Treedom" project, they helped to create a b.telligent corporate forest in Cameroon. Thanks to employee donations, small farmers will be able to plant and grow a total of 100 avocado, lemon, cocoa and banana trees there. "We were so pleased with this gift and the idea behind it that we immediately decided to donate another 100 trees for the b.telligent forest on behalf of the management," says Klaus Blaschek, b.telligent founder and CEO. Projects like these help to maintain food supplies in countries like Cameroon and provide a sustainable source of income for the local people. "Treedom" also provides the smallholders with the financial support they need to look after the trees until they bear fruit. The organization supplies the necessary training and offers technical support on the planting and caring of trees. Once they have been planted, the trees are regularly photographed and geolocated. The b.telligent company forest offsets approximately 9,000kg of carbon emissions.

Donations to the Kinderschutzbund (Association for the Protection of Children) in Munich

In late 2020, b.telligent also contributed to the well-being of local youngsters with a donation to the nursery school in Munich run by the Kinderschutzbund. The money was used to buy new winter boots, snowsuits, warmer tracksuits, winter jackets, scarves, hats and many other winter items, which were well received by around 80 children. The German Kinderschutzbund has been campaigning for the rights of children and young people for over 40 years. "As fathers, it goes without saying that the well-being of children really matters to us. They rely on the encouragement we provide from an early age. It's also good to know that b.telligent is making a useful contribution to its local community," says Amtage.

The two b.telligent founders agree that there are still many environmental protection and social challenges to be confronted. "We therefore do our best to operate responsibly and sustainably throughout the year and are strong supporters of the principles of the UN Global Compact," say Blaschek and Amtage. "But at Christmas time, we believe we have a special responsibility to support a number of causes, both close to home and abroad." Would you like to support one of these three organizations? You can find out more at, and

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