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b.telligent contributes to greater sustainability worldwide

Munich-based management consultancy for data and analytics supports "Labdoo", "The Ocean Cleanup" and "atmosfair


Munich, March 20th, 2020 – Sustainability concerns everyone! As a strong believer in this maxim, b.telligent is contributing to three projects that aim to slow climate change and reduce environmental pollution. As well as donating to the "atmosfair" and "The Ocean Cleanup" climate protection organizations, the company is supporting the "Labdoo" aid project with laptops and monitors that will be used to help educate children and young people.


"As an owner-managed family business, sustainability is very important to b.telligent," says founder and CEO Sebastian Amtage. "This is one of the reasons why we are so committed to reducing our footprint as a company." b.telligent has therefore chosen to support the work of three causes on global warming, environmental protection and education for children and young people.

"atmosfair": b.telligent offsets its carbon emissions

"As a consulting firm, we have many employees traveling regularly on business trips and visiting customers on site," says b.telligent founder and CEO Klaus Blaschek. "That's why we take great care to make sure our consultants are located close to their customers, thus minimizing travel." But this on its own is not enough for the company. Joint CEOs Blaschek and Amtage decided to have b.telligent's entire carbon footprint measured last year – including not just travel but the operating costs of the offices – and set it off at the end of the year with a donation to the non-profit climate protection organization "atmosfair". As well as its climate protection projects aimed at increasing the use of renewable energies, atmosfair advises and supports companies and institutions as they move towards a decarbonised future.

Working with "The Ocean Cleanup" against plastic in rivers and seas

But b.telligent is keen to make a contribution in other areas too. The company therefore decided it would double the amount of money raised by the b.telligent team during its Christmas campaign and donate it to the "The Ocean Cleanup" organization. This non-profit organization designs and develops cleaning systems that use long plastic floaters to reduce marine pollution and prevent new pollution.

Labdoo: Hardware donations for aid projects at home and abroad

As an IT company, b.telligent is also committed to improving education – especially in the digital sector. The "Labdoo" charitable aid project, which helps children and young people in Germany and elsewhere to gain access to IT, was pleased to receive a donation of computer hardware from b.telligent in early 2020. A total of 30 b.telligent laptops and more than 20 monitors will be loaded with child-oriented learning software and content by Labdoo and then delivered to schools, homes, children's and youth projects.


b.telligent founder and CEO Sebastian Amtage handing over the laptops to Padraic McGrath of Labdoo. © b.telligent


The b.telligent founders agree that there is still much to be done to protect the climate and the environment. "We will continue to make our contribution to the environment and to society by supporting worthwhile projects and initiatives in the future," said Blaschek and Amtage.