Customer Engagement

"I want my customer to have a strong bond with my company, my brand and my products." This is how, or approximately how, a lot of companies describe their marketing goal. A perfectly legitimate marketing goal, as numerous studies have proven after all: The more a customer feels bound to a company or a brand, that is, the more intensively they interact with them, the more deeply anchored this bond and, therefore the customer's loyalty are. What is being described here and significantly impacts a company's profitable growth is called customer engagement: All positive interactions of a customer with a company.

Especially in times of digitization, accompanied by an oversupply of products and services for the customer: Intensive customer loyalty is more important than ever and increases the pressure on companies and their marketing. But digitization also brings new opportunities to implement customer engagement as a success strategy and utilize it to add value. How? With data! They allow us to pinpoint the customer anywhere in the customer lifecycle and communicate with them individually according to their needs.

Which strategy is necessary and meaningful? How do I optimize my existing processes? How can marketing technology (MarTech) help me here and which tools do I need? Our knowledge is based on many years of experience in customer projects, which we would like to pass on to you in blog posts, webinars, publications, etc. 

The next generation of CRM – may the MarTech be with you!

Welcome to the world of customer engagement!

1. What matters: The right strategy

The core of customer engagement is, of course, the customer! They need to be placed at the focus. How to achieve this? That's right: Again with the help of data. Each of your customers leaves behind numerous traces which help you understand their needs. Our marketing experts will show you how to make use of this valuable information:

2. And now? With these tools, you put your customer engagement strategy into practice

Once your strategy has been established, the key is to choose the right tools. And this much in advance: The choice is huge! We therefore benefit from our long-standing partner network and personal contacts to providers, allowing us to find the best solution to your challenge and your company's stage of maturity.

Customer Data Platform

Begin with the basics: The foundation of modern marketing is a standardized database – and many companies already fail here. One possible solution: A customer data platform. It helps continuously improve your customers' experience. How? You can find out here:

CDP provider overview

Marketing automation

Marketing automation solutions help companies manage customer journeys and measure success so that the right customers are addressed at the right time via the right channel. Sounds complicated? Marketing automation solutions make it possible.

Next best activity

Customer engagement not only means turning prospects into customers, but also further integrating and scaling existent customers. A good method of cross-selling and up-selling is the next best activity (NBA). NBA solutions use artificial intelligence to select, from all available measures, the best action for the customer – for example, suggesting a further product to complement a purchased one.

Marketing resource management

Marketing is much more than channels and content. Marketing resource management solutions, (in short: MRM) have proven themselves in helping make marketing processes more effective and efficient, and manage the often time-consuming "peripherals".  They make it possible to manage budgets, content, personnel, tracking data and everything else involved in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Data analytics and optimization

From obtaining insights across touchpoints, through optimizing the conversion funnel, to seamlessly mapping the customer journey – digital analytics and optimization experts help implement your marketing technologies in the best possible way and underpin your decisions with the right data.

3. Safety first: Data privacy and GDPR

Do you find a use of customer data exhausting? Understandable! Many lose their orientation in the data privacy maze. But here too, there is help: Data governance, for example, or a universal consent management platform which documents the consents of your customers transparently and in real-time. Learn more about the secure utilization and organization of data here:

Has customer engagement awakened your interest and do you now want to lend your marketing some wings?

We will be happy to get you started!