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Company Overview

b.telligent is a technology-independent consultancy specializing in business intelligence, customer relationship management, data warehouse, big data, data science and cloud technologies.

With over 200 employees at six locations in Germany and Switzerland, b.telligent supports companies in all phases, starting with strategy, proceeding through analysis, design and implementation, right up to operations and solution advancement. The focus here is on optimizing digital and data-driven business processes as well as customer and supplier relations.

More than 300 customers here include leaders from the sectors comprising telecommunications, financial services, retail and industry. brandeins Wissen has once again distinguished b.telligent as one of the best consultants in Germany in 2019 in the category "Data Analytics & Big Data".

Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 with the Professionals

For today's businesses 'Internet of Things' and 'Industry 4.0' are a big challenge. b.telligent will help you to master these - inquire now!

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Business Intelligence

The right BI Strategy for your Company

Collect, analyze and use business relevant data and remain competitive with Business Intelligence and the support of b.telligent - contact us now!

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Predictive Analytics

Prepare for the Future with Data Science

Get your large amounts of data under control and derive reliable forecasts for the future - with Data Science and b.telligent. More information here!

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b.telligent Blog: Data Science

Great Expectations

Data quality checks are important, but not always possible due to a lack of tools. This article shows how to close this gap using Pipeline Test.

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b.telligent Blog: Customer Intelligence Insights

CDP providers at the focus: Arm Treasure Data

The CDP from Arm Treasure Data reduces, among other things, the need for data cleansing - what else can the CDP do? The answer is here!

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b.telligent Blog: Customer Intelligence Insights

CDP providers at the focus: Tealium

With Tealium's Customer Data Platform you can collect and link digital data in no time at all and thus avoid data silos!

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