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We make our customers in Europe winners of digital transformation and data economy.​


Our mission

In the world of data b.telligent finds and utilizes hidden potentials.
By developing intelligent solutions, we enable our customers to consistently operationalize this knowledge.

We use trend-setting technologies, business acumen and a passion for data to enhance our customers’ success here.

What distinguishes us is a corporate culture of trust and appreciation, our employees’ expertise and integrity, and a network of strong partners.


Our values

Social responsibility

As a participant in the United Nations' UN Global Compact initiative,from the  b.telligent is committed to a sustainable global economy. As responsible corporate management in a global society benefits all people, communities and markets.

As  organisation we contribute to the following sustainability standards:

  • A fair and sustainable global economy: The 10 universal principles are the basis for corporate management with integrity and an economic system for long-term success. We are actively helping to shape these with voluntary commitment and dedication.
  • We have set an agenda: Together with other participants on the market we are presenting an independent and non-partisan initiative under the umbrella of the United Nations.
  • Achieving sustainability targets: With the help of learning and dialogue formats we are developing everyday practical strategies and measures for sustainability management. In doing so we are profiting from interdisciplinary exchange with all participants.
  • Fresh momentum and global networking: With our involvement in the network we are keeping an eye on developments in the sustainability debate and can therefore quickly find out about solutions in compliance and risk management within our network.

Get here valuable and detailed information about our social commitment within the United Nations Global Compact. With our Corporate Compliance Policy, we would like to provide ourselves, our employees and our business partners with a guideline regarding sustainability.

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