With over eight million accounts, IONOS is one of Europe's leading providers of cloud infrastructure, cloud services and hosting services. Its product portfolio offers everything businesses need to make a success of the cloud, from domains to traditional websites and do-it-yourself solutions, from online marketing tools to full-fledged servers and an IaaS solution. Their services are aimed at freelancers, business owners and consumers as well as corporate customers with complex IT requirements.

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b.telligent's partnership with IONOS gives our customers the option of setting up and operating a cloud-based data platform that complies with all GDPR requirements and is hosted in Germany in accordance with GDPR. Virtual data centers can be defined graphically or code-based in the IONOS Cloud and are flexibly configurable. IONOS also offers other services such as a managed Kubernetes service and its own S3 object storage.

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An IONOS solution is ideal for customers looking for a cloud data platform hosted in Germany and fully compliant with German data protection regulations. Working with its own cloud infrastructure and managed services, IONOS enables solutions for a wide range of application scenarios.

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