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Munich, Mai 2, 2022 – b.telligent, one of the leading consultancy firms for data & analytics, has again been recognized as one of Germany's best employers in 2022. Every year, the international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® presents its awards to companies it judges to have a standout corporate and workplace culture. This year, b.telligent once again made it onto the list in three categories.

Two years of home office working, virtual meetings and remote team building – like most companies, b.telligent has witnessed many changes in the world of work over the past 24 months. What influence has this had on employee satisfaction and on the shared corporate culture? That is what b.telligent wanted to find out from the employee survey carried out in collaboration with Great Place to Work®. The positive result: 94 percent of the workforce agreed with the statement: "Overall, I can say that this is a very good place to work". But b.telligent also did well in the employee survey on other topics, such as mental and physical health, professional development and collaboration.


Very good: the principle findings of the "Great Place to Work®" survey at b.telligent. The benchmark: the spread of results achieved
by 90% of employers in Germany in the past five years.


b.telligent also came away with three awards in the 101 to 500 employees size category:

Great Place to Work® certifications for b.telligent:

  • Position 8 "Best Employer in Bavaria"
  • Position 17 "Best Employer in Germany"
  • Position 17 "Best ITC Employer"

"We feel that our team has grown even closer over the past two years. We know that we can rely on each other, and that's good for our corporate culture," says Klaus Blaschek, founder and CEO of b.telligent. Sebastian Amtage, co-founder and managing director of b.telligent, accepted the award in person in Munich. In an interview with the managing director of Great Place to Work®, Andreas Schubert, he said: "Our employees are the most important thing about our company – so we put them first in everything we do. In addition, values such as authenticity, job satisfaction, an achievement culture, and sustainability are important to us – and our employees are with us all the way."


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