trbo is a leading technology provider for dynamic on-site personalization, optimization and testing. Its AI-based platform offers every visitor a personalized shopping experience, the effectiveness of which can be measured at any time: on-site, in real-time and fully automated.

Our partnership

Our customers in the e-commerce sector face very different challenges –  but with trbo, we have a very experienced, solution-oriented partner ready to help. The trbo solution was developed based on customer needs and is continuously optimized to reflect changing customer behavior. As a consulting company, we greatly appreciate the flexibility inherent in this approach. The ability to add new functions to a service offering from within the project is always important, exclusively for some or all trbo customers.




"trbo fits very well into our MarTech reference architecture, especially as a tactical decision engine."


Christian Endres
Management Consultant Customer Engagement & MarTech



Products & services


A self-learning algorithm analyzes user behavior on the basis of approximately 50 visitor characteristics. This data then allows the targeted delivery of various layers in the design of the website, which demonstrably optimize the shopping experience of visitors. Two other trbo products help marketers optimize the online shopping experience: BNDLA, which enables shop operators to integrate "shop the look" functions such as product bundles and inspiration pages into their shops,  and cnslta, which allows the on-site integration of intelligent consulting functions.

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We're technology-neutral vis a vis our direct partner network and the technology market as a whole; we're guided solely by what works best for you.

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