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The arcplan function "Assign"

A very frequent use case in reporting is the linking and displaying of information from either different tables or even different data sources. Frequently, a database view or even an intermediate step via a database layer, in which the data from different sources is merged, is required for this purpose. With the "Assign" function, arcplan offers a simple and quick possibility to link data in the report and in real time.

Simple Example:

For an analysis, we want to retrieve last month's revenues from system 1; a certain number of data sets is returned.  



All master data is stored in a different data source (system 2). The list is considerably longer and sorted differently (in alphabetical order).




For sales reporting, address information shall now be added and correctly matched to the suppliers with revenues:




By means of the "Assign" function, the whole issue is easy to handle:



The "Assign" function is able to match information/data (here: Ort System 2) to certain properties (here: Lieferant System 1).

The data is matched via two reference columns (here: Lieferant System 1 and Lieferant System 2).

A simple but very powerful function which has been available since arcplan 7.5.8.