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PROSET - research project




The Technical University Munich (TU Munich), ETH Zurich and b.telligent haven been working on the PROSET research project for three years from February 2011 to February 2014. The project centered on questions which cannot usually be pursued in everyday working life due to lack of time. In this context, questions which are not only relevant for practice, but also bring to light new findings for research are raised. In the PROSET project, we have concentrated on the question of increasing productivity by means of service experience management.                    


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Linking Research to Practice - the Cooperation with o2

In order to be able to research and answer interesting questions for science and industry, it is first and foremost necessary to analyze "real data". This real data relevant for the project PROSET was provided by the telecommunications business o2, which we were able to attract successfully as industry partner. As consideration for the anonymized customer- and transaction-related data provided by o2, the industry partner received valuable insights into its customer experience management as well as a unique, objective insight into customer relationship management processes and the interaction of contact channel and customer value in the business model. 

One Research Project, Two Final Papers and Many Interesting Topics

The cooperation with Telefónica Germany GmbH started in February 2013. After a pre-analysis phase of approximately two months, research on the research questions commenced.

The following topics have been researched:

  • Success factors in cross- and up-selling in incoming call center calls
  • Effects of cross-selling strategies on the success of call centers
  • Customer experience management used for customer loyalty and win back

Two final papers at the TU Munich were prepared within the scope of the project.

After one year of successful cooperation, the sub-project was successfully completed in February 2014. The results of the research project are expected to be published in one volume with the support of our media partner Call Center Association (Call Center Verband) in July 2014.

In Short

What is PROSET:

  • High-class research thanks to the cooperation with Munich TU and ETH Zurich
  • Professional handling of the analyses thanks to b.telligent's long-standing expertise
  • Topics of practical relevance thanks to the cooperation with o2

The project was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project Manager within the German Aeronautics and Space Research Center (DLR) and the Strategic Partnership "Productivity of Services".

At this point, b.telligent would like to thank Professor Dr. Florian von Wangenheim with ETH Zurich and Professor Dr. Rainer Kolisch with TU Munich as well as the many helpful contact persons with o2 for the joint implementation of the project!

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Laurentius Malter
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Laurentius is passionate about his specialism, which is customer engagement & martech. One thing is for sure: marketing and customer experience are becoming more and more digital and thus more and more technical. Companies who deploy marketing automation and the right data management tools are able to enhance their digital interaction with customers and stay one step ahead of their competition.
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