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An MRM solution’s monitoring component offers analysis, evaluation and reporting functions providing transparency about marketing staff's activities with the help of dashboards or configurable reports, for example.

Reporting across all channels and campaigns

Reports can be used to condense and export relevant key figures and results from marketing activities for the direct users of an MRM software, as well as other involved departments and stakeholders ranging to the management board.

Marketing key figures and KPIs form an essential basis for evaluating and optimizing marketing activities. Most MRM solutions already offer numerous standard reports out of the box. Individual KPIs and reports can be created via customization. Some solutions also offer the possibility of defining benchmark target values.

Special advantages of MRM-based reports lie in cross-channel and cross-campaign perspectives as well as data compression. Essential management information can be shared with other participants and enables permanent optimization of marketing activities.

Many MRM tools offer out-of-the-box integration with common reporting tools (such as Power BI, Tableau and Cognos) to allow merging of diverse data sources.

Sounds interesting? Then discover more in our MRM market overview. Here we show you which solutions are particularly powerful in the area of reporting. Our study can be downloaded free of charge from here.

More transparency and better control via MRM dashboards

Marketing managers typically invest a lot of time in conceiving, planning, preparing and executing campaigns. Often lacking here is a central control instrument providing essential insights into their work, including indications of the success achieved by each of the activities, so that these can be controlled effectively not just in advance, but also during implementation. An MRM solution’s individually configurable dashboards precisely comprise such a central control cockpit serving as a "pulse monitor" of daily work.

Especially in the case of restricted budgets or a need to realize numerous campaigns, marketers can visualize and report on their campaign and budget statuses at the push of a button, thus being able to provide information optimally at any time without lengthy manual analyses or evaluations.

As a result, the marketing teams’ work does not take weeks to become visible after a campaign has gone live. An MRM solution’s monitoring component instead generates end-to-end transparency and controllability throughout the process, starting with the initial concept, through preparation and realization, right up to success measurement. Budget deployment can thus be monitored and optimized already during campaign planning or immediately after campaign commencement.

Alerting functions: Practical reminders in daily business

Numerous campaigns as well as complex creation and implementation processes in modern marketing have made it almost impossible to manually discover critical changes or deviations from plans in time to be able to react promptly with appropriate countermeasures. Alerts or notifications about the occurrence of certain events are therefore among the functions most frequently requested by marketers in connection with marketing management, and thus constitute a major benefit of automation in this area. A digital assistant accordingly allows marketers to receive alerts, e.g. when a campaign status changes, or a deadline is overshot, or a budget is exceeded.

Ideally, the MRM monitoring component allows free configuration of appropriate triggers, as well as notification via multiple channels according to preference (e.g. e-mail, in-app, SMS, message in the start menu etc.).

Depending on the configuration and use case, positive as well as negative events can be configured as alert triggers. Schedule postponements or delays can result in different escalation levels.



Our blog serieshas hopefully been able to give you an initial insight into the topic of marketing resource management. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, we recommend our market overview. It shows not only the substantial opportunities offered by MRM but also detailed provider profiles, besides presenting individual tools along with their functions and strengths in the respective areas. b.telligent’s MRM market overview can be downloaded free-of-charge from here.