Tributech provides a technology platform and stack for the selective and tamper-proof collection, transmission and sharing of data with a high level of data integrity – while maintaining data sovereignty. The technology works as a data processor/layer that can be incorporated into edge and embedded devices, heterogeneous infrastructures, data platforms and data services. Tributech helps the world's largest companies mitigate cyber risks by detecting data tampering.

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Tributech prevents companies from making wrong decisions based on manipulated data. In today's increasingly complex system landscape, companies rely on data from various applications and systems to make important decisions. With data manipulation on the rise, it is critical to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of the data used. Together with b.telligent, Tributech offers a comprehensive solution that enables companies to verify the authenticity and trustworthiness of data from source to consumer. This prevents wrong decisions from being made on the basis of manipulated data.


"The growth in the number of data-driven projects is making cybersecurity – data poisoning in particular – an increasingly important topic. With Tributech, we implement data notarization in the areas of data analytics and Internet of Things and leverage the maximum potential from our customers' data."


Florian Stein
Senior Consultant Big Data & CloudOps 



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Tributech offers a technology platform and stack for the selective and tamper-proof collection, processing and sharing of data. Together, we support our customers in implementing tamper-proof data pipelines. The emerging and
innovative company enables mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 corporations to protect their data from tampering without compromising productivity.


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Tributech's solution can be deployed in minutes to any public or private cloud, as well as to on-premises servers, and perfectly complements b.telligent's openness to technology.

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