Twilio Segment

The customer-data platform (CDP) of Twilio Segment provides enterprises with the data foundation they need to put their customers at the centre of every decision. With Segment, enterprises can collect, unify and input their customers' data into any system which needs the data to better understand these customers and create seamless, compelling experiences in real time.

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Segment is one of the leading data CDPs on the market. Data CDPs serve as a central hub for customer data, and can form segments in real time as well as distribute them to connected channels.


"As one of the leading data CDPs, Segment is a fascinating solution for clients who want to orchestrate their customer data centrally and in (near) real time in MarTech architecture."



Alexander Nitsche
Principal Consultant Customer Engagement & MarTech



Products & services


  • Segment Connections

Connections is Segment's core product offering. It allows enterprises to collect event data from their mobile apps, websites and servers via an API, and then include contextual data from cloud apps like CRM, payment systems and internal databases to create a unified picture of their customers.

  • Segment Personas

Personas is a powerful personalization platform allowing enterprises to create unified customer profiles. With Personas, enterprises can create, develop and galvanize target groups across marketing tools.


Segment can be used as a solution for clients who already have a large MarTech portfolio and are looking for a central tool to orchestrate customer data in (near) real time.

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