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Munich, 04.01.2022 – the last 21 months have been arduous for all of us. This makes it all the more important for b.telligent to support those who have a particularly hard time. Company and employee donations have accordingly made it possible to support a number of social projects this year: SOS Children's Villages, the victims of Germany's flood disaster, Diakonisches Werk Bayern - people with disabilities and the association Kinderarmut in Deutschland (child poverty in Germany) e.V.

"Though Covid-19 was obviously a dominant topic last year, there are also other areas and organizations which need our help," says Klaus Blaschek, founder and managing director of b.telligent. "Doing good and making it known is therefore important for us to remind others of the organizations we have chosen judiciously – the readiness of many people to do good being especially high around Christmas time. We should take advantage of that," adds Sebastian Amtage, also founder and managing director of b.telligent.

Support for children and families

"Children are dependent on support from an early age. As fathers, we find it particularly important to support organizations committed to children," says Blaschek. For b.telligent, it is a matter of course to support SOS Children's Villages free of charge with consulting services. The association, which is urgently in need of donations, wants to address current and potential donors in a more targeted manner. That is why a team of experts from b.telligent has supported the association in optimizing its marketing measures. In addition, the entire b.telligent team wanted to contribute to the support of children. Financed by private staff donations and in cooperation with the project "Engelbaum" by Kinderarmut in Deutschland e.V., 52 children affected by poverty can look forward to a gift under the Christmas tree. "We would like to thank the volunteer teams for their commitment; they do so much and make such wonderful projects possible," says Amtage. "Our employees surprised us with this donation and we are very proud to have such a great team at b.telligent."

b.telligent supports the victims of the flood disaster

One of the biggest natural disasters in German history hit many people very hard this year. "If such an accident happens virtually at the doorstep of some of our colleagues, we want to help," says Blaschek. Together with employees, clients and partners, b.telligent was able to collect a total of 10,000 euros for the victims of the flood disaster quickly and unbureaucratically, and donate this money to the aid organization Aktion Deutschland Hilft. "We are grateful to be part of such a network, and are happy about this considerable sum," says Amtage.

IT donation to Diakonisches Werk Bayern– people with disabilities

b.telligent has donated hardware as support for Diakonisches Werk Bayern – people with disabilities. This second largest charitable association of welfare in Bavaria has a long tradition of working with disabled people. b.telligent is pleased to support the institution with a donation of monitors, printers, telephones, Internet routers, notebooks, smartphones and docking stations. Thanks to this hardware, employees are better equipped to assist and work with disabled people.


"Throughout the year, it is important for us to work responsibly and sustainably. We orient ourselves strongly, for instance, with the principles of UN Global Compact", state Amtage and Blaschek. "Especially around Christmas time every year, however, it is an additional concern for us to support various areas locally and internationally." A number of challenges still need to be met, as agreed by b.telligent's two founders who look forward to being able to continue supporting social projects in future, joint efforts being the most successful.


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