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Munich, December 16, 2021 – There has been a new addition to the b.telligent partner network: Bonn-based humanIT Software GmbH, specialist for data quality management and ad-hoc queries, has entered into a strategic partnership with the consulting firm b.telligent. Both companies are looking forward to joint customer projects in the future.

b.telligent's partner network is growing. The consultancy for analytics and data management has strengthened its data quality management and ad-hoc queries offering with the addition of the software solution InfoZoom from humanIT Software GmbH. The partner network plays an important role in the b.telligent portfolio, which has now grown to include over 50 companies from specialist areas such customer engagement & martech, analytics, data management, data science & AI as well as cloud technologies and PaaS.

InfoZoom: ad hoc analyses and agile data quality management from a single software

Established in 1997 as a spin-off  from a Fraunhofer institute, humanIT Software GmbH is now a company in the proALPHA Group. As part of the specialist team from the Advanced Analytics business unit that analyzes Big Data megatrends and aligns them with customer needs, the company develops innovative, holistic solutions based on an initial analysis of historical data and progressing to prescriptive analytics via the fields of descriptive and predictive analytics, making good use of artificial intelligence and machine learning along the way. One such innovative solution is InfoZoom, a software for self-service data analysis, which enables users to carry out demand-oriented analyses and impromptu queries in a matter of seconds. InfoZoom creates transparency, particularly when it comes to data quality, by visualizing and summarizing all the data. Users can reveal weak areas in seconds with just a few clicks, enabling them to make the right decisions based on reliable data. This makes InfoZoom an ideal add-on to BI, CRM and ERP systems in the areas of ad-hoc analysis and agile data quality management – as well as an ideal addition to the b.telligent portfolio.

"We are delighted that we are now working with humanIT and InfoZoom to help our customers evaluate the effectiveness of their data and its impact on the success of their data-driven projects," says Markus Grob, management consultant at b.telligent. "What is particularly appealing about InfoZoom is its ability to assess the value of data quickly, to analyze the data quality of new and/or external data sources and to prepare the data for data science and AI," says Grob. These strengths and the benefits of the software were also confirmed in the current BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22. In this, the world's largest annual survey of BI and analytics software users, InfoZoom achieved 20 top rankings and 34 leading positions.  "We are very pleased to have joined the b.telligent partner network. Both companies are united by a desire to make data understandable for everyone. Because of this, the cooperation promises to deliver real added value for our joint customers," says Andreas Brüggenthies, sales manager of humanIT Software GmbH.


About InfoZoom

With its special visual concept, InfoZoom provides users with immediate insights from large data sets and various data sources. The software complements BI, ERP and CRM systems in the fields of ad-hoc data analysis and agile data quality management. InfoZoom enables departments to analyze their data independently and to make timely, informed decisions.
In the BI & Analytics Survey 22, the world's largest annual survey of BI and analytics software users, InfoZoom was voted the best product for improving data quality. Not only that, but the survey also rated InfoZoom top overall for KPIs ad-hoc queries, data preparation, project success and analyses. Thanks to the InfoZoom Partner Program, numerous specialist providers are already enhancing their products and portfolios with powerful ad-hoc reporting and self-service BI functionality.

InfoZoom is developed and marketed by humanIT Software GmbH. Founded in 1997 as a spin-off from a Fraunhofer institute, humanIT is now part of the proALPHA Group and part of the Business Unit Advanced Analytics specialist team that analyzes Big Data megatrends and aligns them with customer needs. More at

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