With over 150,000 customers, Salesforce is one of the world's largest software providers for CRM, service, sales, and marketing automation. The rapidly expanding and continuously developed product portfolio extends from operational campaign management systems to reporting/data visualization tools through to AI systems.

The technology behind Salesforce systems is mature and applicable to all industries, company sizes, and marketing objectives. Salesforce supports its partners and customers with fast-paced and visionary technical innovations as well as comprehensive and enthusiastic support for planning, projecting, and solution rollout.

Our partnership

Salesforce and b.telligent form an excellent team who make data-driven 360° marketing a reality in every way. With a broad portfolio of different clouds and individual modules within each cloud, as well as the easy, flexible and rapid scalability of the products, we can satisfy virtually every requirement of our customers. This flexibility is a reflection of the expertise and working methods of b.telligent. We are data specialists and marketing experts! We know how to translate requirements or strategies from CRM and marketing into Salesforce technology and how to use the technology to generate maximum business output. 

We work closely with Salesforce at all levels to help our clients solve their digital marketing challenges and pursue a holistic, 360° customer-centric approach to marketing.

Produkte & Services


b.telligent is an expert in Salesforce marketing solutions: Marketing Cloud, Tableau, some aspects of Sales Cloud and, via our sister company MyCom, the Service Cloud. We help our customers and potential customers to evaluate and plan with Salesforce products from a variety of perspectives. For example, supporting specialist departments (marketing, CRM, online marketing etc.) in the development of requirements and the design of customer processes as well as their technical and conceptual adaption, planning and executing campaigns, adapting and optimizing data structures and strategies, technical implementation within existing system environments, adapting and updating processes and organizational change management, reviewing and developing relevant data privacy policies as well as facilitating integration with other products (e.g. DWH, reporting, ...)

Salesforce is an important partner for b.telligent. Many of our customers use Salesforce technology or are about to incorporate it. Those customers who are already using the Sales Cloud or Service Cloud have an exciting opportunity to significantly expand their range of activities by adding the Marketing Cloud.

b.telligent acts as a consulting and implementation partner in this connection. As requirements engineers, we provide support for customer projects including, for example, establishing the specific functional and technical requirements of the platform. As an implementation partner, we help to configure and integrate the platform into the system landscape, and as a consultant with extensive marketing experience, we support the transfer of strategic and tactical marketing initiatives over to the platform and the adaption of existing processes.

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