Yellowfin is a global provider of a business intelligence and analysis platform dedicated to solving real-world business analysis challenges and helping business users understand – by means of dashboards – not only what has happened, but why it has happened. It is the only enterprise analytics suite that allows companies to automatically extract information from their data in a way that detects anomalies and trend changes early. The suite combines action-based dashboards, automated data recognition and data storytelling in a single integrated platform.

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We help our customers to evaluate and implement the entire Yellowfin-BI-Suite and are experienced in using Yellowfin to implement dashboard and reporting solutions. Yellowfin was named a Visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI for 2020. In Gartner's Critical Capabilities Report for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2020, Yellowfin performed particularly well in the areas of augmented analytics and enterprise analytics use cases, and received the second-best score in each of these categories.


"Yellowfin offers a successful BI suite that drives and shapes innovative trends such as augmented and automated BI and collaboration and data storytelling. For Yellowfin, the emphasis is always on the end user."


Ingo Klose
Principal Consultant Big Data &CloudOps



Yellowfin offers a modern, web-based BI suite, with particular strengths in the areas of enterprise reporting, embedded BI and analytical apps. Yellowfin is known as an innovator and pioneer of features designed to make augmented and automated BI solutions more accessible. Signals from Yellowfin is an AI-based engine that analyzes your data and automatically discovers and alerts you to trends and abnormalities. As well as Signals, the BI suite contains modules for dashboards and reporting, data discovery, data preparation, and data storytelling. For Yellowfin the focus is on the end user. The BI suite is designed to provide business users with the easiest possible access to data and to support collaboration between users within the platform. In use cases where multi-client capability is important, Yellowfin offers a number of easy-implementation options.

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