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Munich, 25.01.2023 – Also in 2022, it was important for b.telligent to think of those who had to experience difficult times and hard blows of fate. This year, corporate and employee donations were able to support those affected by the situation in Ukraine. For Christmas in 2022, there was a special fundraiser.

"Last year, we were all affected by Russia's attack on Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all those suffering from the war, and we hope for an early end to the military conflict," says Klaus Blaschek, founder and managing director of b.telligent. "Unfortunately, there is unnecessary suffering also in other parts of the world where organizations need help," states Sebastian Amtage, also founder and managing director of b.telligent. "It is important for us to choose and support such organizations judiciously. After all: Together we achieve more!", adds K.D. Schulze, managing director of b.telligent.


Support for those affected by the Ukraine conflict

"The conflict in Ukraine has shaken us all hard. It was particularly important to us to make a financial contribution," states K.D. Together with employees, clients and partners, b.telligent was able to collect a total of 15,600 EUR for the victims quickly and unbureaucratically, and donate this money to the aid organization Aktion Deutschland Hilft. We are grateful for our excellent network and appreciate every donation which has helped to raise this considerable sum," says Amtage.


b.telligent employees can choose from over 900 aid projects

At b.telligent, an integral routine of the pre-Christmas season is to think about supporting those in need. Accordingly, more than 300 employees were able to look forward to a very special Christmas present this year: A HelpDirect card worth €40,00 for one or more donation projects which every employee could freely choose – from projects to support women, through animal welfare, to education of children at home and abroad, there was something for everyone. This was made possible in cooperation with HelpDirect, Germany's first donation portal with over 900 different aid projects. "Because b.telligent has a diverse team, all employees favour different social projects," states Blaschek. "There is a lot of different suffering requiring support around the world, and we are happy to be able to help financially together with our employees," adds K.D.


"We live rigorously according to the principles of UN Global Compact, and that's not the only reason why it's important for us to work responsibly and sustainably throughout the year," says Amtage. A number of challenges still need to be met, as agreed by b.telligent's three managing directors who will continue supporting social projects in future, joint efforts being the most successful.



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