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Tips & Tricks: arcplan Background Report to connect to Databases

A background report to connect to databases enables the user to login to all required systems with one single loginin the background; there is no need for the user to explicitly login to each connection upon its first access. The requirement is, of course, that the user exists in all systems with the same access data.
In addition, logins to systems which are not personalized but operate with a technical user can be performed.

If there is no such background report, a login dialog popup appearswhen a report with database reference is opened. This function enables the user to login to the respective database.If several databases are used, several dialogs will open up. One for each database.

The establishment of a start report for an easy login 

In order to prevent this from happening and to offer the user a comfortable login to the application, it is recommended to prepare a separate start report. At the most basic level, this could e.g. look as follows.



arcplan offers the possibility to enter encryptedtext into fields.       

(Object Properties [F2] - Select Encrypted Input).

The login button then contains the login to the database.




"DB_AdventureWorks" = Name of the Connection File

It is important that data from the databases arerequested no sooner than in the next dialog. Otherwise, the login dialog popup will open as usual.

An additional benefit is the possibility to select the system prior to the login, in order to e.g. be able to switch between test and productive environment.
see link: Tips & Tricks: Switching between Data Sources
In addition, a path where the respective connection file for test or production is located, has to be specified prior to the login.