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Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte is taking control of their social data

Executive Summary

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH), Europe’s largest manufacturer of home appliances, is driving the digitalization of their business and uses AWS infrastructure to collect, store and analyze their data. To make better use of the data created in social media, b.telligent supported BSH to gather the data from their social data SaaS analytics platform and to integrate it into Amazon Redshift. This approach allowed BSH to take full control over their social data, verify existing Dashboard solutions and breaking down siloed data storage in this area. Furthermore, the newly available data source will allow being used to implement new and innovative NLP use cases.

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH)

The BSH Hausgeräte group consists of several well-known brands in the home appliance market, such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and NEFF as well as service brands and a customer service business. The group employs more than 50.000 employees and is considered Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer.

b.telligent a trusted Partner for the Big Data and AI department

b.telligent is a German based independent consulting company that specializes in  BI, CRM, DWH, big data, data science and cloud technologies. Over the last couple of years, b.telligent supported BSH to establish inhouse teams around Big Data and Data Science (AI) topics and became a trusted partner for the BSH Big Data and AI department.


The Challenge

BSH’s product range, such as cooking hobs, ovens, dishwashers, fridges, and other home appliances are largely sold to end consumers via various retail channels both on- and offline.

To understand what their customers are thinking about the BSH products and the BSH brands in general, it is mandatory to understand the consumers’ activities in the various social platforms. In addition, it is also important to understand the ratings and reviews of the customers that are posted on the retail and rating pages. Further, the Home Connect platform and other Apps give BSH direct contact to the user beyond the customer service center for a more holistic customer view.

To get a hold and make sense of all this social data, BSH is using a third-party Social Data Analytics SaaS offering which crawls the internet and provides Dashboards with high level insights.

But just using the social data in the aggregated form was not sufficient for BSH. To generate added value from the data alongside other internal data sources, BSH wanted to pull detailed data out of third party system and store it in their Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse.


Integrating Social Data Service from third party API to Amazon Redshift

b.telligent supported BSH with a complete solution for the integration of the social data into the DWH. The solution consists of a concept including data model and data pipeline specification, an initial load of legacy data, an extraction, and data processing pipeline, based on Data Virtuality. The pipeline pulls data from an API and transforms it through the various DWH layers all the way to a Data Mart for consumption of the social data by the business users.

The part of the Amazon Redshift based Data Warehouse, which b.telligent built for BSH, consists of a typical three-layer data architecture. This architecture allows to track changes in the data over time, prepares it for integration with other data sources and organizes the data in a way that it will support answering a wide array of analytical questions, beyond the currently used dashboards and KPIs.

The benefit of the solution

Now that the Social Data, collected by the third party provider, is available in BSH’s Amazon Redshift DWH, they have full control over the data and can not only use the dashboards provided by the SaaS, but make use of the DWH data in any way necessary.

Near time impacts were a better understanding of the dashboard provided within the SaaS solution, the capability to analyze the data in much more detail and to use the data intelligently to understand the product related opinions and social activities of its customers. In addition, Power BI dashboards for standard issues were created inhouse.

Next Steps

Based on the data provided by the described solution, the BSH data scientists team started working on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) use cases and the developed models will be integrated into the overall solution in the nearest future and used by the business in daily processes.

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