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akenza has set itself the goal of making the Internet of Things widely applicable. This is being done by reducing technical complexity and empowering companies to develop their own intelligent applications. akenza supports various connectivity technologies such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, cellular IoT, CoAP, http and MQTT. By collaborating with various LoRaWAN network providers, the platform ensures comprehensive LPWAN coverage around the world.

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akenza specializes in IoT (Internet of Things) and offers a platform which allows customers to manage their IoT devices and connectivity, and forward the data to a cloud platform (hyperscaler). We are responsible for data engineering, analytics and data science.



„IoT meets cloud and data lovers.“



Peter Höltschi
Senior Consultant



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With akenza as a partner, we enable our customers to integrate IoT data into their projects via various connectivity technologies and sensor providers. akenza's IoT platform can be considered as a bridge between the physical world and the cloud, providing a software component which enables our customers to quickly overcome the barrier between devices and software. The technology-agnostic architecture avoids technology lock-in and makes it possible to register any type of device via any connectivity technology, making it available for any type of application in the cloud. Combined with our expertise in data engineering, data analytics and machine learning, we are able to support the development of innovative smart solutions in various areas.

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