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Munich, February 24th, 2020 – b.telligent, a leading consulting companies for business intelligence, big data and analytics, was named one of “Germany's Best Employers 2020”. At the award ceremony of the international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® on February 26 in Berlin, b.telligent was pleased to be ranked 17th out of 163 companies in the category "101 - 250 employees". In March the award as number 12th best employer in the IT and communication sector as well as number 7th "Best Employer Bavaria" followed. In the culture audit on which the award is based and subsequent employee survey, employees were positive in their perceptions of the company, particularly with regard to the training and development opportunities, the work-life balance support and the way that employees share in the company's success.

In recent years, digitalization has reached all sectors of the economy in Germany and this has resulted in record growth in the IT labor market. The companies in this market are therefore competing for the best and brightest experts, and this has become a challenge for the entire industry. In addition to the shortage of qualified people, the modern world of work is currently undergoing major changes. In particular, the desires and needs of the younger generation are changing rapidly. IT service companies are having to respond to these changes in order to remain attractive as an employer for the younger generations.

Employer certification programs like Great Place to Work® are an important tool, as they can help potential candidates to identify a suitable employer. This is why b.telligent has chosen to invest regularly in these certificates. In this latest survey, the data and analytics specialists achieved an above-average score and were certified as an attractive employer.

14 percent above the sector average

Great Place to Work® evaluates the culture audit and anonymous employee survey based on five dimensions that the Institute considers to be key to an excellent workplace culture. These are credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit. b.telligent is delighted to have gained an above-average rating in all of these.

Above average: the principal finding of the Great Place to Work® survey at b.telligent


93 percent of participants confirmed that b.telligent offers a "very good workplace" (industry comparison*: 80 percent). The average value of all the 58 core statements was 85 percent, which puts b.telligent a clear 14 percent above the industry average*. 86 percent of respondents said that there was "no harm to their mental and emotional health" at b.telligent (industry average*: 59 percent); 84 percent praised the "appreciation of good work performance" as well as the "further training and development options" (industry average*: 51 and 56 percent respectively), and 73 percent were satisfied with the "appropriate stake in the success of the business" (industry average*: 38 percent).



Klaus Blaschek with the award "Germany's Best Employer 2020"


Klaus Blaschek and Sebastian Amtage, founders and managing directors of b.telligent, are delighted with their team's very high participation rate. "Objective indicators are important for the mood of the team – especially in the consulting industry. We benefit from a strong culture that binds us together as a team, even though we don't see each other every day in the office. This is exactly why Great Place to Work® is so important to us as an open, transparent and data-driven company," says Blaschek. Amtage adds: "These results are not a reason to rest on our laurels but rather a jumping-off point for additional initiatives aimed at making us an even better employer year-on-year." He is particularly pleased that the survey identified that significant changes had taken place, particularly in areas that were highlighted in an earlier survey as requiring improvement. "To be more specific, b.telligent employees rated the training opportunities (84 percent; industry average*: 56 percent) and family orientation (75 percent; industry average:* 49 percent) very highly in the Great Place to Work® survey. We have invested a great deal in these areas over the past few years and so it's good to see that the team appreciates this," says Amtage.

Multistage survey and industry comparison deliver meaningful result

The "attractive employer" award was preceded by a multistage process. The "culture audit" records the cultural work from the standpoint of the management and the HR department. Combining this audit with the subsequent independent and anonymous employee survey provides a holistic view of the company. It is based on a globally established questionnaire and provides genuine feedback from employees and managers. The assessment of the company is compared with other participating companies from the same industry. b.telligent was compared with 161 companies in the information and communication technology sector.

b.telligent was recognized as a top employer by TOP JOB back in 2017.


*) As a benchmark, Great Place to Work® uses companies in the ITC industry with up to 500 employees, 70 percent of whom agree with the statement that "Overall, I can say that this is a very good place to work."Organizations that exceed this level are therefore among the top 40 percent of all employers

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