Exasol offers a high-performance, in-memory analytics database that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios. Exasol's mission is to help its customers harness and extract added value from their ever-growing mountains of data. The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), a consortium that defines database benchmarks for the IT industry, has declared Exasol to be the world's fastest database. The Nuremberg-based company currently has a customer base of over 175 companies.

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Exasol's ultrafast analytical database is linear scalable and, in addition to the in-memory component, boasts features such as massively parallel data processing (MPP), column-oriented storage and intelligent compression algorithms. Exasol offers one of the fastest databases in the business as well as excellent support.


"An important USP for us here at b.telligent is the spirit of partnership we enjoy with our Exasol colleagues. The scope and depth of support we receive from Exasol regularly exceeds our expectations and this enables us to offer our customers outstanding quality and genuine added value."


Simon Dudanski

Principal Consultant Data Integration Architecture

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Due to its high flexibility, Exasol lends itself to deployment in a large number of our customer projects. Thanks to the Exasol analytics database, we are able to provide a bespoke solution to many of our customers' challenges, such as relieving the pressure on a local infrastructure, switching to a cloud solution (such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure) or developing a flexible hybrid data strategy, adding unlimited amounts of data, changing the programming language or using virtual schemas.

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