b.telligent will launch its own training series "b.training"

Learning innovators' modern big-data and data-science strategies with b.training

Munich, 02.05.2018 - in the summer of 2018, b.telligent will launch its own training series to prepare developers for rapid advancements in new technologies and concepts all related to big data, data science and the cloud.

The continuously growing need for business intelligence at enterprises and rapid advancements in employed technologies entail well-trained teams of developers capable of retaining an overview in a heterogeneous data landscape comprising increasingly diverse fields of application. With new big-data and cloud solutions arriving daily on the market, the IT industry is changing in leaps and bounds. With "b.training", b.telligent now introduces a training program which addresses precisely the requirements arising here, and provides developers as well as architects with the knowledge appropriate for the market.

"We intend to offer true knowledge upgrades to b.training participants in order to prepare them substantially for new technologies and concepts of any relevance to big data, data science and the cloud", declared Frank Schmidt, head of the big-data competence centre at b.telligent.

b.training mediates practical experience from hundreds of customer projects

With b.training, b.telligent conveys a great deal of practical experience from hundreds of customer projects over its soon 15-year company history as an independent technology consultant to developers of modern data platforms. Together with partner company OpenCore which has successfully helped companies implement big-data strategies for over ten years now, the first scheduled b.training events will take place in Munich in the summer of 2018, Frankfurt being added as a training site in autumn.

Faster project completion with the know-how of innovators

"Our training concept is of high practical relevance", emphasises Frank Schmidt. "Our principal and management consultants know the everyday reality of projects from many use cases, and can directly address the problems of training participants in current project situations, for example, regarding the handling of different data sources and environments. This allows developers to avoid typical mistakes, save time, and complete their project sooner. And they benefit directly from the know-how our partner and customer network comprising leading innovators in the industry."

b.training courses have a duration of 2 to 3 days. According to their needs, participants can book a further day in advance to deepen their knowledge of certain programming languages.

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