MARMIND GmbH is a leading international provider of software technologies and services designed to help companies manage their marketing. MARMIND® software brings campaigns, budgets and results together in one central marketing plan. This allows for better planning, improved team collaboration and a comprehensive analysis of marketing activities. With MARMIND®, marketers gain control of the entire marketing operation and make smarter investment decisions.  

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As the complexity and number of relevant channels in the marketing mix grows, software-aided campaign planning and tracking using specialist campaign management software has become an essential success factor in modern marketing. By carefully integrating workflows with content management and budget control, and providing an informative visualization function, MARMIND has created one of the most powerful tools of its kind on the market. Thanks to our partnership with MARMIND GmbH, b.telligent is able to handle all the specialist and technical steps in the marketing value chain, from analysis, planning and design to implementation. Based on the partnership with MARMIND GmbH b.telligent is able to professionally and technologically cover the value creation steps required in the course of an implementation from analysis, planning and conception to implementation.


"With MARMIND, marketing planning and tracking with Excel is a thing of the past."


Harald Mösel
Principal Consultant Customer Engagement & MarTech



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To achieve optimum deployment and acceptance of new technologies, MARMIND from UPPER Network makes use of the latest implementation methods and a Europe-wide network of marketing experts and technology partners. Personal advice and guidance guarantees a professional implementation and first-class service throughout the project.

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MARMIND can be used both as Software-as-a-Service cloud-based and as on-premise installation on the customer's servers. Connections and links to third-party systems such as data warehouse, campaign management tool, ad server, tracking tool or reporting tool are of course possible. Various standard APIs are available.

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We're technology-neutral vis a vis our direct partner network and the technology market as a whole; we're guided solely by what works best for you.

We know each partner in our extensive network individually and will select a solution that reflects your challenges, your infrastructure, and the legal situation in your country.

We offer end-to-end support – from selection, evaluation, purchasing and implementation, through to operational management.

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