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Munich/Basel, September 20, 2021 – b.telligent has announced the opening of another office in Switzerland. In addition to Zurich, the consultancy firm is now represented in Basel. The aim is clear: by being even closer to its customers, b.telligent hopes to broaden its appeal to specialists from all parts of Switzerland and build on the success it has already achieved in Germany. Sandro von Ins and Caspar von Stülpnagel are the two BI experts responsible for driving the local expansion of the consulting business from the Basel office.

b.telligent maintains its growth trajectory. With the opening of a new office in Basel, the company has reaffirmed its intention to become one of the leading consultancy firms for data and analytics not just in Germany but in Switzerland too.  "We are pleased to have two experienced BI experts and managers on board  – Caspar von Stülpnagel and Sandro von Ins –  who are familiar with the market in Basel and Switzerland," says Klaus Blaschek, co-founder and CEO of b.telligent. "b.telligent has been one of the leading specialists for BI and analytics in Germany for some time," says Caspar von Stülpnagel, who has many years of experience in these fields and was until recently regional head for Basel and Freiburg with IT services company Trivadis. "With the support of the whole b.telligent Group, especially the team already established in our Zurich office, we intend to build on our success and reputation in Germany to establish a similar market-leading position in Switzerland," says Sandro von Ins, who manages the new office together with Caspar von Stülpnagel. Both have many years of experience as management consultants for business intelligence (BI) and IT analytics.

Proximity to the customer – a clear service promise

The Basel-based team's focus is firmly in the areas of business intelligence, data analytics and artificial intelligence. "We deliberately concentrate on these topics because we're convinced of the value of being a highly skilled specialist in your own field. After all, it's what has made b.telligent so successful so far," says von Ins. "Basil is a trinational economic region. b.telligent will be on hand to provide local support for the impending data transformation in the region's pharmaceutical, chemical, banking, transport and logistics industries," says von Stülpnagel.


Managing the b.telligent operation in Basel: Sandro von Ins and Caspar von Stülpnagel

BI, analytics and AI specialists needed throughout Switzerland

On September 1, our team moved into a brand-new office in downtown Basel. Plans are in place to expand the workforce to over 30 within the next three years. Recruitment therefore has a high priority. "As a consultancy, we can only be as good as our staff. This is why we are reaching out to qualified professionals in Northwestern Switzerland who would like to work for an attractive employer close to home," says von Ins.


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