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b.telligent and Crosswind: business intelligence and location intelligence join forces

Munich/Winterthur, August 23, 2021 – It is an important step for both companies: Crosswind, a specialist in location intelligence, geographic information analysis and geospatial and address data optimization, and management consultancy b.telligent have announced their strategic partnership with immediate effect. The move allows both companies to expand their portfolios on a structural level, pooling their knowledge to offer customers in Germany, and especially Switzerland, significant added value in the optimization of their business processes.


Crosswind, founded in 2013 and based in Winterthur, Switzerland, is a specialist in geospatial and address data. The company helps its customers harness geodata that will make their business processes more efficient. Crosswind's work is based on three pillars. The first is geoanalytical services. Crosswind uses geospatial analytics to support companies wishing to create a higher-performing sales network. Pillar number two, the geo-enabling of business processes, is about helping customers to maximize their marketing and sales efforts by leveraging the power of geographic information – such as on construction projects or new buildings – within their workflows. The third and final pillar is its geobase product, which consists mainly of a data warehouse with spatial data. The use of the geobase helps customers to manage, cleanse, optimize and valorize geospatial and address data. A geocoding tool that automatically links highly complex addresses with the data warehouse is also part of the geobase. "Our portfolio is very similar to that of b.telligent – as long as you add the prefix 'geo'," says Crosswind co-managing director Tobias Brühlmeier. Combining the expertise and niche competence of both consultancies is a win-win for both parties.

Added value for both companies

"Our partnership with b.telligent will increase the visibility and presence of our products and services and fuel continued growth in our specialist fields," says André Bruggmann, Crosswind's other co-managing director. For b.telligent, the strategic partnership has another important benefit in addition to the more technical one. The partnership with Crosswind will enable b.telligent to further extend its sphere of activity from its current Zurich location, where the company has been supporting customers on the Swiss market since 2009. "We are noticing a rapid increase in the demand for our services in the Swiss region," says b.telligent founder and CEO Klaus Blaschek. He manages the Zurich office and is aware of the challenges that the Swiss market poses to many companies. "To compete here, you have to know your customers, their behavior, preferences and needs. The addition of a geodata product to our portfolio – and one that is of course fully GDPR-compliant – is a significant achievement and a major leap forward for us and our customers."

"b.telligent's key industries, particularly telco, energy, retail and e-commerce but also many others, will benefit from this information and the new opportunities it offers for analysis and optimization," says Sebastian Amtage, co-founder and CEO of b.telligent. "We are extremely pleased to have found such a strong partner in Crosswind," says Amtage.

About Crosswind
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Crosswind is a specialist in location intelligence, geographical information analysis and geospatial and address data optimization. Since it was founded in 2013, the company's passions have been the geo-enabling of business processes, the geospatial profiling of customers and sales outlets, the optimization and processing of geodata, and the cleansing and restructuring of address data. Its customers include BKW, Mobility, Swisscom, Sunrise UPC and Volvo.


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