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Munich, October 20, 2021 – Munich-based consultancy b.telligent and start-up Berlin Bytes have entered into a strategic partnership. The custom software design and development provider is now part of the b.telligent Group that includes the consulting firm Dörffler & Partner, the software manufacturer Synabi, the CRM specialist MYCOM, the location intelligence experts Crosswind and the open-source platform Stackable. The tie-up will enable b.telligent to add software engineering expertise to its portfolio. Berlin Bytes, for its part, expects to benefit from b.telligent's network and start-up incubator.

Berlin Bytes and b.telligent have been collaborating successfully for some time now on a range of software projects. Customers in particular have appreciated the combination of front-end and data expertise along with the user experiences and convincing analytical insights they have been able to deliver. Both companies will now work even more closely together. "This strategic partnership has great added value for both sides," says Sebastian Amtage, founder and CEO of b.telligent. This is due in no small part to the way the BI landscape has changed. "BI is no longer simply a report that you look at and act upon," says the b.telligent founder. "Nowadays, it means building smart applications to make smart decisions in real time. Developing these applications has taken up an increasing amount of our time in recent years, particularly in the cloud environment." This front- and back-end development competence is Berlin Bytes' specialty. "We at b.telligent will benefit enormously from this, on internal as well as on customer projects. We in turn can offer Berlin Bytes access to large projects and also provide them with a secure and stable environment in which to develop their start-up."

Inventive minds strengthen the Berlin operation

Berlin Bytes specializes in the creation of UX/UI designs, the development of e-commerce and software solutions, and the end-to-end management of digitalization projects for SMEs in the DACH region. As a growing international start-up, they offer their clients bespoke solutions and support them from conception and strategic planning right through to implementation. b.telligent is pleased to be able to access this professional support from their Berlin office.

"Our vision is to build a creative and international team that values diversity, innovation and collaboration. We are proud that our business model has attracted a lot of attention and interest and that we now have a workforce with colleagues from over 17 countries," say Berlin Bytes' managing directors David Henkel and Friedrich Staufenbiel. Creativity, a motivational work environment and the user-friendliness of their solutions are particularly important to them. The start-up incubator model, which b.telligent often chooses for its strategic partnerships, places great emphasis on maintaining the corporate philosophy of young companies and supporting them as they enter the market. And both companies share similar philosophies: focusing on their particular strengths, benefiting from the strengths of others and combining forces to grow as a network.

About Berlin Bytes

Be bold.

Berlin Bytes is an expanding international start-up that offers its customers individual solutions and supports them from conception and strategic planning to implementation.

Founded in 2019, the company employs just under 30 people at its office in Berlin. It looks after a variety of digital projects for clients from all over the world in a wide range of industries such as fintech, fashion, automotive, construction and education. Thanks to its independence from technology vendors, Berlin Bytes is able to offer its customers a personalized approach to solving their digital challenges.

The managing directors of Berlin Bytes are David Henkel (head of design), Friedrich Staufenbiel (head of technology) and Martin Röchow (head of project management).

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