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Welcome to the Data Management blog

In the future, our new blog will keep you up to date on current problems and solution approaches regarding the topic 'Data Management'. Our blog entries reflect situations from our day-to-day work and are supposed to provide you with impulses and assistance with your current projects.

Our consultants will regularly report on exciting and innovative topics which offer the reader a practical benefit and, in addition, information on the implementation of DWH and BI projects.

Data Warehouse and BI - Trends, Questions and Methods

Our current projects as well as innovations and updates of new technologies which we use in the fields of "data warehousing" and "BI" are the basis for our blog entries. Specifically, both the handling of tools and databases as well as individual solution approaches which significantly contributed to the project success are reviewed in detail. Thus, benefit from the experiences of our experts in the future and read news on our methods and best practices in various industries and projects on a regular basis.

Which DWH and BI Technologies and Tools are used?

Our blog deals with both the well-known databases such as Oracle and MS SQL Server databases and their ETL tools (SQL Server Integration Services and Oracle Data Integrator) and the latest trends in DWH automatization (e.g. WhereScape). In addition, SAP solutions such as the SAP Business Warehouse (on HANA), SAP Data Services and SAP HANA are reviewed. In this context, the linking of an EDWH to big data platforms is also reviewed.

In addition to the DWH tools, the blog will also discuss our experiences with modeling technologies (Data Vault, 3 NF, dimensional modeling) and BI project management.

DWH and BI - Making the Most of Your Own Data!

Why will DWH and BI topics become increasingly important in the future? Because the importance of data and its analysis is increasing in every industry and the business processes are becoming more and more complex, it is important to interlock the data volumes as effectively as possible.

Use our individually presented problems and applied solution strategies for the right approach to your own projects.

If you have any questions on our blog entries or are interested in support in the DWH and BI area, you are welcome to get in touch with us anytime. We are looking forward to your feedback!