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Welcome to Customer Intelligence Insights

The new blog “Customer Intelligence Insights“ by b.telligent regularly offers exciting and up-to-date insights, i.e. informative insights into interesting customer intelligence projects directly from practice and prepared for the direct use in daily working life in a user-friendly manner. 

Once a month, our consultants report on interesting and innovative projects, which offer the reader a practice-relevant added value, and in addition provide information on the optimal handling of customer intelligence projects.

Difficult Questions, Intelligent Solutions from Daily Project Life

Starting point of our customer intelligence experts’ monthly experience reports is the presentation of the project-dependent starting situation and the detailed outlining of the problem. On this basis, individual solution approaches and the resulting strategies which finally made a decisive contribution to the project success are described step by step. Thus, readers gain an insight into the used concept and are also given an overview of the temporal use of resources, the used technology and its practical suitability.

In addition, the following questions, which only arise after the conclusion of the projects but are by no means less important, are examined. These questions include:

  • What are the findings of the project, what was the most important result?
  • How can the solution scenario be transferred to other industries?
  • Which approaches result for further project processes and sustainability?

Finding the Suitable Approach for Every Business

From the individual problem to the applied solution strategy and the suitable approach, which successfully supported the customer, up to the information on and the prospects for future projects, you will learn everything you need to know about the successful implementation of customer intelligence projects on ‘Customer Intelligence Insight’.  

Laurentius Malter
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Laurentius Malter
Competence Center Manager
Laurentius is passionate about his specialism, which is customer engagement & martech. One thing is for sure: marketing and customer experience are becoming more and more digital and thus more and more technical. Companies who deploy marketing automation and the right data management tools are able to enhance their digital interaction with customers and stay one step ahead of their competition.
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