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Instruction: Hichert (IBCS) out of the Box

arcplan is the first software tool for business intelligence (BI) which received the renowned quality seal  HICHERT®IBCS by BARC and HICHERT+FAISST. The high degree of flexibility of the tool 'arcplan Enterprise' made it possible to fully meet all requirements regarding graphics, tables, structures and comments. Since then, arcplan has invested further development efforts in order to simplify the creation of "IBCS compliant" -reports for the user (report developer) and thus save a lot of time and resources in the course of report development.

arcplan 8.5 offers a portfolio of completed and 100% IBCS compliant graphics which can be integrated into the application by a few clicks. Of course, 'Quick Steps' also offers the full arcplan flexibility and can be modified, extended and tailored to the specific requirements.

Graphics with arcplan Quicksteps

Step 1

First, a data basis for the presentation is required. This example shows the gross domestic product (GDP) compared to the EU average (variation).  




Step 2

Next, the suitable graphic is selected from the QuickStep templates ...




…and, as usual, the graphic is dragged to the desired position and the graphic parameters are filled via click: 




This is all that is needed to create the graphic. All required objects are automatically located on level 3 and can be further edited there.




Level 3:



The administration window for central formatting can be made by clicking on the symbol.



In the window, the features (and keys) for zero lines, bars, colours, patterns etc. can be centrally maintained, modified or expanded. In addition, new individual formatting rules can be added.



After only a few clicks, the result is an IBCS compliant graphic.




Of course, the report (the application) can be developed and expanded as usual. In our next blog, you will learn how to create your own QuickSteps (graphics).