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CDP providers at the focus: Exponea

About Exponea

Founded in Slovakia in 2015, Exponea is now headquartered in London. The company also has offices in Bratislava, Prague, Manchester, Edinburgh, Moscow, Bogota, Palo Alto and Berlin. In the last two years, the company has almost quadrupled its annual turnover and thus become one of the most successful Slovak companies ever.

Its customers include T-Mobile,, and Duke & Dexter.

Customer data platform - category

Because Exponea can be used to import and export data easily, thereby allowing creation of a unified, single customer view, the software meets the criteria of a "RealCDP" established by the CDP Institute as a distinction for CDP vendors. Exponea does not stop at this, however, but also complements its CDP features with extensive omni-channel marketing automation, analytics and web optimization options. That is why Exponea also rightly calls itself a customer data & experience platform. Within the relevant categories, Exponea thus meets all requirements for a data CDP, an analytics CDP, as well as a channel-agnostic engagement platform.

Exponea can accordingly be assigned as follows to the CDP categories:


CDP key areas

Exponea's customer data platform contains the following key areas:




In collaboration with Google, Exponea offers a scalable cloud solution to bundle all accumulated business data and combine them in a single customer view. The CDP provider observes high security standards for data storage here, and offers a variety of connectors to operate inbound and outbound channels.


The analytics functions cover a wide spectrum. Predictive analytics and product recommendations, in addition to real-time dashboard solutions, form part of Exponea's performance portfolio. Naturally, you can also connect your own BI tools easily to the cloud solution, thus allowing continued use of existent systems. A/B testing directly at the website is also part of the solution's portfolio, thus enabling a rise in conversion rates.


In the area of engagement, no wishes appear to be left unfulfilled: From digital marketing, i.e. tracking of web data, through placement of personalized advertising and product recommendations on the website, to re-targeting campaigns. Exponea also handles current online marketing channels such as e-mail, app push, web push and SMS marketing. In addition, classic channels such as print can be accessed via simple data export. Exponea not only provides support here via connectors, but also offers web interfaces to establish customer journeys without code.

Highlights of the Exponea CDP

Flexible licensing model

Aiming to support companies in their digital transformation, Exponea is aware that introduction of a complete solution at the customer's side can mean a great deal of internal expenditure. This is why the company offers a very flexible licensing model. For example, the data CDP or marketing CDP is also available alone for licensing to enable the smoothest possible integration.

Real-time product recommendations

Because RealCDPs are characterized by real-time capability, the software offers solutions to implement them in the web shop. From their first visit onward, the customer is accompanied by algorithms which learn continuously in order to display exactly those products which promise the highest conversion rate.

Web optimization

A built-in design editor allows easy testing of hypotheses to optimize website performance. A/B testing capabilities make it easy to track these results and visualize them in dashboards.

Predictions and journeys

A drag-and-drop editor allows very lucid creation of customer segments and control of omni-channel marketing campaigns. Of course, the Exponea platform's other functions such as those for analytics and testing can also be accessed within the editor. This allows the customer to be contacted at the right time with the right offer via the right channel.


Because Google's BigQuery data warehouse serves as a basis for the platform, its size can be adjusted individually. This allows Exponea to grow and scale together with the customer, without encountering any problems in performance.#


Target group

Exponea is aimed at all customers seeking a fully fledged CDP with data integration, analytics and marketing automation. For cases in which resources are not sufficient for full implementation, Exponea offers a flexible licensing model allowing a smoother transition to the cloud.

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