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CDP providers at the focus: BlueVenn

About BlueVenn

BlueVenn is a British company headquartered in Bristol and with further offices in Cheltenham (UK), Raleigh (USA) and Nimes (France). BlueVenn currently supports over 400 clients in integrating their customers' data into a single customer view; clients include the Washington Post, Gatehouse Media, Subaru, and Domestic and General.


Customer data platform - category

BlueVenn offers two products which can be licensed independently of each other: BlueVenn Unify and BlueVenn Engage. In addition, BlueVenn is certified as a "RealCDP" which distinguishes solutions, in particular, in view of their compatibility based on import and export capabilities, as well as generation of a homogeneous user profile.

BlueVenn Unify is a data management platform. It can be used to merge data from a wide variety of sources with the help of the built-in ETL functionality, and combine the data in a single record. As a single point of truth, BlueVenn Unify makes it possible to execute processes necessary for data protection, such as the right to be forgotten, customer information and even simple consent management. The system furthermore directly records when and by whom terms of consent were changed.

As an extension to Unify, BlueVenn Engage extends the CDP with campaign functions and analytics. The possibilities here are nearly limitless: Not only can diagrams, heat maps and tables be created, but customers can also be segmented using predictive analytics, and next-best activities can be identified. Via a channel-agnostic graphic interface, the user can create and personalize customer journeys across all marketing channels. BlueVenn offers real-time capabilities, including evaluation of campaigns, for example.

BlueVenn can accordingly be assigned as follows to the CDP categories:



CDP key areas

BlueVenn's customer data platform contains the following key areas:



A distinguishing feature of BlueVenn is real-time data processing with integrated ETL tools. Included here are a large number of connectors, jobs for monitoring data imports, as well as reports and statistics on data quality. Also available are tools for de-duplication, cleaning and handling of personal information. Enquiries regarding data correction, the right to be forgotten or the various opt-in statuses can be changed transparently in Unify. Via a fully modifiable preference centre which can be built into any website, customers can themselves decide which consents to issue, clean up data, and adjust their marketing preferences.


BlueVenn Engage has very versatile analytics capabilities. A drag-and-drop interface allows creation of tables and charts, as well as direct creation of segments which can be applied in marketing campaigns. Also available is out-of-the-box integration of 'R' for conducting further, in-depth analyses.


Channel-agnostic campaign control is certainly among BlueVenn's strong points. Regardless of whether websites and e-commerce, e-mail, SMS, print or social-media campaigns are involved: A large number of connectors not only allows distribution of data to a wide variety of services, but also integration of the related responses back into BlueVenn. With the help of a drag-and-drop system, BlueVenn enables creation of various omni-channel journeys in order to reach customers at all their contact points. Naturally, addressing and content can be personalized in the web and e-mail systems in order to give customers an even more individual experience. The beauty of this is that it can be done in real time, thus allowing the customer to be contacted not only with the right content on the right channel, but also at the right time.


Highlights of BlueVenn's CDP

Recency / frequency / value model (RFV)

The RFV model allows easy creation of customer segments and their use for campaign broadcasts. The model can be individually adapted to respective needs.

Real-time personalization

BlueVenn enables personalization of websites and marketing campaigns in real-time, regardless of whether product recommendations or "abandoned cart" campaigns are involved. BlueVenn allows customers to be addressed with the right offer at any time.

Data protection

Data protection is a common issue with single customer views. The right to be forgotten, customer information, and exclusion of users for automated profiling can be enabled with just a few pushes of a button.

Data quality

In addition to reports and dashboards regarding data quality, data import can be controlled automatically. If data exhibit too many error messages, the import can be automatically stopped, and notifications sent to the right team. At the same time, no information is deleted, and users always remain in control of their data.

Target group

BlueVenn is suitable for any company in need of a truly comprehensive product which not only integrates data into a single point of truth, but also enables marketing campaigns directly from the CDP. BlueVenn has the potential to meet all requirements for modern marketing, thus making it possible to realize a customer engagement of 360° via a single platform. Anyone intending to replace their existing system in order to prepare for the future, or seeking a holistic platform to meet the challenges of modern marketing, should therefore definitely take a look at BlueVenn.

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