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CDP providers in the focus: CrossEngage

About CrossEngage

CrossEngage was founded in 2015 in Berlin by the two founders and managing directors Manuel Hinz and Dr. Markus Wübben, with the aim of creating a tool which can bundle marketing activities across all channels. As a customer-data and engagement platform, CrossEngage combines a real-time platform for customer data with cross-channel campaign management. Interaction based on data and matched individually across all communication channels allows companies to strengthen customer relations, raise profitability and win new customers more efficiently. CrossEngage has already convinced customers such as DB Vertrieb, HelloFresh, Limango, Hertha BSC Berlin, BodyChange, Stylefile, Friendsurance, Mycs, Karl Lagerfeld, Depot und Finanzcheck.

Customer Data Platform categorization

As an engagement CDP, CrossEngage allows customer addressing coordinated across all communication channels. While end-customers accordingly experience individual and meaningful communication of brands, companies benefit from strengthened customer relations as well as more efficient acquisition of new customers. These factors increasingly decide the long-term profitability and sustainability of companies – particularly in the context of the increasingly dominant platform economy.

In May 2018, CrossEngage was inducted by Gartner Inc. into the list of four "Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing" which distinguishes new and innovative suppliers who help companies achieve their marketing and business objectives.

With Real CDP certification, CrossEngage meets the industry's strict minimum requirements concerning open data processing. For the purpose of technical implementation, the company has an extensive partner network. It provides support both during connection of existing channels to allow their continued use, as well as flexible integration of new solutions.



CDP features

CrossEngage's Customer Data Platform focuses on the following:




Integration of non-relational and relational data by the integration team into the project setup, real-time data processing is possible.


CrossEngage confines itself here deliberately to comprehensive segmentation. Additional analytical functionality can be covered by technology partners.

Engagement Campaign

CrossEngage is an engagement CDP with extensive segmentation capabilities and campaign management functions. Available here is a wide selection of German-speaking and international partners who have focused on placement in the channels.


Highlights of the CDP from CrossEngage

Selection depth

CrossEngage provides extensive segmentation capabilities for relational and non-relational data. Especially prominent here, for example, is the referencing function for events which makes it easier for marketers to set up multi-tiered campaigns based on events.

Partner network in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

The company has an extensive partner network in the German-speaking countries, thereby offering an interesting alternative, considering the CDP/MarTech ecosystem which is currently dominated by the UK/US, and in view of the GDPR.

Target group

CrossEngage is basically suitable for all companies which need to operate and mutually coordinate multiple CRM and marketing channels. Also covered are companies which focus strongly on digital business and want to centrally integrate and use new channels and technologies on a regular basis.

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