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Theobald Software is a leading provider of SAP integration. The company covers the integration into all common third-party systems. In addition to the Microsoft products MS SQL Server, Power BI and SharePoint, the company also offers various DWH technologies such as Oracle, Teradata and EXASolution as well as BI solutions such as Tableau, QlikView and BOARD.

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b.telligent relies on Theobald's SAP-certified technology when it needs to integrate SAP data with various BI/analytics, cloud or data warehousing solutions. It supports both mass data replication and continuous, incremental SAP data feeds.  


"What we value about Theobald, quite apart from the product itself, which is constantly being developed and has a fine reputation in the market, is the responsive support, which usually allows us to give our customers feedback and develop joint solutions within a day. In the many projects we have collaborated on, support from Theobald Software has always been exemplary."


Roland Preisenhammer

Senior Consultant Business Performance Management

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Theobald's software allows integration with all popular third-party systems. Originally coming from the Microsoft world, the company has steadily expanded its portfolio in recent years to include non-Microsoft target environments. In addition to MS SQL Server, Power BI, SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online and Office365, these include a wide spectrum of DWH technologies such as Oracle, Teradata, SAP HANA and EXASolution as well as BI solutions like Tableau, Qlik and BOARD. Theobald also offers SAP integration for analytics platforms such as Alteryx, CRM solutions such as Salesforce, and cloud solutions such as Azure and Amazon S3. 

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