Dörffler & Partner

Dörffler & Partner, which has been part of the b.telligent Group since 2020, specializes in providing support on all aspects of BI for customers from all industries wanting to set up a BI system. The company manages and supports every phase of a project, starting from the concept to the provision of comprehensive BI consulting services. The main focus here is on data modelling, data vault modelling and DWH automation.

Our partnership

b.telligent has already completed numerous very successful projects with Dörffler & Partner. The merger of the two consulting companies has enabled us to tackle the increasingly complex challenges of data management together, which has resulted in synergies for the client.


Concentrated BI expertise

Dörffler & Partner are experts in BI consulting. These consulting specialists analyze existing systems and processes and advise on the selection and development of complex business intelligence solutions. They initiate, plan, manage and supervise BI projects through to completion. Dörffler & Partner also build modern data warehouses in which the storage of business data is historicized and fully integrated. They use data value methods to ensure impressive flexibility and investment protection.

Working with well-proven methods, the experts at Dörffler & Partner are highly skilled at finding patterns and gaining new insights from data science. As a Rocket Software partner, they support all aspects of the AS applications as well as all the other Rocket solutions – from development, maintenance, administration and optimization to training. Dörffler & Partner find individual solutions by developing IT systems and cross-platform applications that meet customer requirements in the fields of business intelligence, data warehouse automation, CRM, data analytics and reporting. Dörffler & Partner's certified cloud experts support BI-centric cloud projects. For all matters related to DWH, Dörffler & Partner provides support via preconfigured, practically proven templates, and have years of experience in the planning, evaluation and (where required) implementation of automation software.

The range of services offered by Dörffler & Partner

One-stop service

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The benefits four your organization

We're technology-neutral vis a vis our direct partner network and the technology market as a whole; we're guided solely by what works best for you.

We know each partner in our extensive network individually and will select a solution that reflects your challenges, your infrastructure, and the legal situation in your country.

We offer end-to-end support – from selection, evaluation, purchasing and implementation, through to operational management.

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