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Webinar: Business Intelligence in the Energy Sector


Since the deregulation of the electricity markets in 1998* in the energy sector, the electricity market has opened for competition of the utility companies. The abolition of the monopolization of the electricity sector enabled many businesses to step on the free market and to offer various products.  The resulting competition with other distribution companies makes it essential for utility companies (UC) to focus on the customer and on keeping its customers. In addition, the BI requirements in both the commodity and non-commodity distribution are increasing simultaneously. Knowledge of all customer-centered data and their backgrounds is becoming increasingly important.


Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management Go Hand in Hand

By means of business intelligence, both business processes and customer and supplier relationships can be strengthened. This is due to the insights gained by processing and analysis of comprehensive business data. In this process, business intelligence forms the basis for analytical and fact-based business decisions across different business levels and departments.


The Webinar Business Intelligence in the Energy Sector

Sven Schymik, Principal Consultant of the Competence Center Business Strategy with b.telligent, demonstrates how you are able to realign or optimize the entire BI framework within your organization in a customer-centered manner. Be there and learn about the possibilities which serve to evaluate the existing BI infrastructure in your business in the webinar on 03.11.2016 from 11 am to 12 pm.


Sven Schymik- the Specialist for the Topic Business Intelligence

Sven Schymik has been advising and leading customers from various industries such as e.g. media, telecommunication and energy regarding the topics business intelligence, customer intelligence and e-commerce for thirteen years. He specializes in CRM & business consulting, customer relationship management strategies, business process optimization, analytical CRM and project management with b.telligent. Further, he has been advising utility companies for years on the strategic realignment of their sales organization in order to meet the new requirements of the market. His longstanding experience and expertise - in particular in the energy sector - make Sven the perfect speaker for the webinar "Business Intelligence in the Energy Sector"!

Look forward to an exciting, user-friendly webinar in which you will receive answers to your questions regarding BI

in the energy sector!

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