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Munich - 3 July 2023 - Munich-based consultancy, with offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, b.telligent, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Tributech, one of the leading providers of cloud and on-premise based data discovery technologies. This alliance will provide customers with innovative cybersecurity solutions to help counteract data tampering.

This strategic partnership will augment b.telligent's existing data and analytics portfolio, enabling its customers to reduce risks associated with cyberattacks by detecting data tampering and poisoning.

The goal: to exploit the full potential of the data!

Florian Stein, Senior Consultant – Team Lead IoT at b.telligent, stated "The topic of cybersecurity, and specifically data poisoning, is becoming increasingly important with the growing number of data-driven projects. With Tributech, we implement data notarization in the areas of data analytics and the Internet of Things, unlocking the full potential of our customers' data."

"Our collaboration with b.telligent is a significant step in our mission to deliver unparalleled data security solutions to organizations worldwide" remarked Cecilia Zuvic at Tributech. "b.telligent's in-depth understanding of the German market, combined with Tributech's trailblazing notarization technology, offers businesses an exceptional resource to protect their data from emerging cyber threats" Concluded Thomas Plank, CEO at Tributech

With cyber-attacks growing increasingly complex, the demand for sophisticated security solutions has reached unprecedented levels. Tributech's technology directly addresses these challenges by empowering companies and institutions to defend against the next wave of cyber threats – data tampering and poisoning.


About Tributech

Tributech is the leading provider of cloud and on-premise-based data orchestration and notarization technology. Tributech’s tools empower organizations, from mid-size businesses to the Fortune 500, to secure their data against tampering and hijacking without compromising productivity. By adding a blockchain-based security layer to your systems, Tributech makes enterprise-level data security and interoperability accessible to everyone. The technology works as a data processor/layer that can be incorporated into edge & embedded devices, heterogeneous infrastructures, data platforms, and data services, so your data can be trusted at any point of its lifecycle. Headquartered in Austria, Tributech operates globally through a network of partners.


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