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Munich, 18th March 2021 – Distinguished for the sixth time in a row: b.telligent, the consulting firm for data & analytics, is again one of "Germany's best consultancies" this year. This was the conclusion reached by the business magazine brand eins and the statistics portal Statista, based on ratings by industry experts and customers. In the category of "data analytics and big data", b.telligent secured a prominent 11th place this year.

In a fiercely competitive market, there is naturally a great desire for transparency and comparability of management consultancies. In addition to brand eins, FOCUS Business is now the second, renowned business magazine to start rating consultants. For the first time, this agency has published "Top management consultancies 2021" jointly with the independent research institute FactField GmbH. This year, a total of 281 consulting firms received the award in one or more of the rated 20 departments and 18 sectors. Also included: b.telligent - and that in a total of 11 rating categories.

b.telligent's placements in top consultancies 2021 at a glance:


  • Analytics & big data
  • Digitization
  • IT consultancy and implementation


  • Automotive
  • Banking and private equity
  • Chemistry, life science and pharma
  • Commerce (including e-commerce)
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurances
  • Advertising, marketing and media


Above-average ratings by colleagues in consultancy

"A good start for b.telligent in the rating by FOCUS Business", exuberates b.telligent founder and managing director Sebastian Amtage. "We are particularly honoured to have received an above-average rating from industry colleagues in each of the departments and sectors." Klaus Blaschek, co-founder and managing director of b.telligent adds: "What we hear repeatedly from partners and customers is how highly they appreciate b.telligent's special way. We are close to the customer, committed to sustainable solutions which the customer can also operate personally, and can find tailor-made solutions for individual challenges by way of our large partner network. This as well as our staff's passion for their work and for data in general is what distinguishes b.telligent, something always confirmed by surveys like this one."


About the methodology

In an online survey as well as personal and telephone conversations forming part of the study, a total of 1804 experts in Germany, including managing directors, partners,  of consulting firms as well as customers' decision-makers who themselves used consultancy services were interviewed by FOCUS Business to determine their recommendations about consultants. A prerequisite for inclusion in one of the top consultant lists is an above-average number of recommendations within a department or sector. Accordingly, listing in several categories is possible. The list is not a ranking, but an alphabetically sorted representation of the consultancies, including their scores.


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