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Webinar: Application First – AI Second , Using artificial intelligence successfully at the enterprise

Artificial intelligence is anticipated by a wave of technological fascination and hype. But what exactly is AI and what is it used for? This webinar provides an application-driven introduction to the fascinating world of AI. You will become familiar with the practical potentials of AI, and learn how to position it successfully at your enterprise.

Enterprises can raise productivity and lower costs by means of artificial intelligence. This often increases the manoeuvring room for sophisticated tasks and exploitation of growth opportunities. For example, intelligent algorithms can be used for cross-selling in order to increase sales without consuming more resources in the process. Predictive analytics can be used to find an optimized business strategy or even acquire quality customers through AI-based analyses of the CRM system.

Artificial intelligence thus produces numerous new options whose potential should be recognized and utilized from an early stage. We want to help you successfully implement AI at your enterprise. This webinar provides many valuable tips, impulses and best practices for proper integration of artificial intelligence at your enterprise. You will be introduced to fundamental methods as well as sample applications, and receive an insight into the necessary structures. Everything you need to know will be shown by Christoph Hoffmann at a free webinar titled "Application First - AI Second" from 11:00 to 12:00 on 18th October.

Contents of the webinar

  • Introduction to the world of artificial intelligence
  • Neural networks and their applications
  • Enterprise requirements for AI
  • Developing enterprise strategy for implementing AI

Why you should attend the webinar

  • Compact practical knowledge and best practices
  • Overview of basic methods and structures
  • Interaction with an expert in the field

Your expert and speaker for all matters regarding artificial intelligence

Our expert Christoph Hoffmann will lead the webinar. He has a background in philosophy, economics and statistics.  As a consultant specializing in data science with a strong methodological focus, he possesses many years of experience in successful implementation of customer projects. He serves customers from various sectors such as banking and telecommunications with innovative methods of data analysis. His scope of activities ranges from databases through neural networks to methods of machine learning.

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