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Emarsys Revolution

The Emarsys Revolution 2017

This year's Emarsys Revolution will be held in Berlin from October 23 to 24, 2017 and will feature the theme of "Revolutionizing the Marketer's Role". Its primary focus will be the rapid development of digital marketing and the challenges this presents for companies and marketing teams.

The trade fair will also deal with the topics of personalization, omnichannel and strategy, reflecting the fact that more and more companies are gathering incredibly large volumes of data. Thus the term: Big Data. While most companies are aware of the potential of these large volumes of data, they usually find them difficult to manage and exploit. The right tools can help with this, by providing better and more accurate targeting, and personalization. A successful omnichannel strategy is also desirable. Today's marketers know that they need to offer their customers a shopping experience that moves seamless between different channels and devices. Achieving this requires the development of a sophisticated strategy.  

Our b.telligent specialists, Laurentius Malter, head of the Customer Intelligence competence center, and Katrin Otto are both looking forward to the taking part in the Emarsys Revolution.



On the first day of the Emarsys, there will be some exciting keynotes on the topic of marketing trends and revolution, including by Ohad Hecht, CEO of Emarsys, and Stephanie Peterson, CMO of Runtastic. On the second day, the emphasis will move to lectures by partners and clients. You can find out more about the program here.  


b.telligent as an Emarsys partner

B.telligent is proud to be an Emarsys partner. As a complete and fully integrated solution, our commerce marketing platform meets the needs of the modern marketer. Its combination of predictive analysis, personalization and omnichannel automation has been designed to boost customer engagement within a very short time.


About b.telligent

B.telligent is a consultancy company specializing in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management and e-commerce solutions for companies working in mass markets. Our focus is on the optimization of business processes and customer/supplier relationships. b.telligent's customers are active in the fields of telecommunications, financial services, commerce and industry.

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