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Webinar: Kick-off for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation: companies must implement these changes as quickly as possible

No transitional period, no extenuating factors: the deadline for the full entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is May 25, 2018. Companies need to take action now.  Those who do nothing and fail to comply with this European regulation will face substantial fines.
Note also that the individual EU Member States do not have to incorporate the regulation into their national law. The aim of the Regulation is to provide EU-wide harmonization of the rules governing the processing of personal data by private organizations and public authorities.  


Successfully tackling the challenges of GDPR

On October 19 2017, our webinar "Kick-off for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation: companies must implement these changes as quickly as possible" will reveal the challenges you are likely to encounter when you attempt to implement the GDPR, and how you can overcome them. B.telligent specialist Björn Ouni is the ideal go-to person on all matters related to the GDPR. In the webinar he will discuss the General Data Protection Regulation in depth to make sure that you are fully prepared for May 25.

During this webinar, our Principal Consultant will answer the following five questions:

  • What is the EU General Data Protection Regulation?
  • Does the EU General Data Protection Regulation apply to my company?
  • How is this different to the current data protection law?
  • How can my company implement the Regulation?
  • Are there already any tried and tested implementation methods?


The change is coming - GDPR becomes effective on May 25, 2018  

The General Data Protection Regulation significantly strengthens the rights of consumers to informational self-determination. At the same time, companies that process personal data will be subject to tougher regulation. For example, pseudonymous cookies and IP addresses are to be regarded as personal data. For companies, this means a massive change to the current standard. From May 25 2018, companies will have to inform their customers of the degree, nature and purpose of partially or fully automated data processing.

Using actual examples, b. telligent, one of the DACH region's leading consulting firms for business intelligence, data warehousing, CRM and Big Data, will show you how to deal successfully with the challenges of the GDPR 2018.  

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