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Company Overview


As a consulting company, at b.telligent we specialize in introducing and advancing Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, DWH and Big Data systems in enterprises that are active in mass markets.

b.telligent stands for the highest quality and thoroughness. It’s no wonder, because all our consultants are well-educated, motivated, and experienced. In our owner-operated company, one senses the energizing atmosphere that drives our consultants towards our goals, stimulating them to foster and execute their visions in concert with us. Our corporate philosophy provides room for each and every employee to do her/his part to keep us going forward.

Since 2004, over 300 clients have benefited from our corporate culture. With over 180 employees spread across six offices, we support our clients in establishing and advancing their data-driven business models.

Predictive Analytics

Prepare for the Future with Data Science

Get your large amounts of data under control and derive reliable forecasts for the future - with Data Science and b.telligent. More information here!

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Corporate Management through Reporting

The objective of an efficient Reporting is the comprehensive presentation of the relevant business data - get here more information from the specialists!

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Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 with the Professionals

For today's businesses 'Internet of Things' and 'Industry 4.0' are a big challenge. b.telligent will help you to master these - inquire now!

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b.telligent Blog: Customer Intelligence Insights

Successful digital marketing trough correct data

Always keeping an eye on the Customer Journey? In our latest blog post we show you how it works - read it now and find answers!

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b.telligent Blog: Data Science

Are you data-driven? Or is it the noise that drives you?

A modern organization should base decisions on data, not gut feeling. But what if that data contains more random fluctuation than meaningful information?

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b.telligent Blog: Data Science

Reinforcement Learning & Bayesian Statistics - Part 1

In this article, you will learn how Bayesian Statistics is related to reinforcement learning and might make the latter less data-hungry.

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