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Small SAP course – The RSADMIN

In this series, we will take a closer look at the RSADMIN settings. The table RSADMIN is used as global configuration table in various BW processes and functionalities. As standard, it has own settings, however, it is possible and common to create own entries in the RSADMIN. The first blog post is dedicated to the setting NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE.

As standard, process chains are scheduled immediately after the transport. For process chains which are set to immediate start, however, this also means that they will run immediately. This behaviour may be undesirable, e.g. if data loading jobs are triggered.

Process Chains Without Immediate Start: Two Options

There are two options to prevent the process chains from starting automatically. The first option is to set the scheduling in a way that the process chain can only be started via a meta chain or an API.

However, this has the disadvantage that the process chain needs to be changed on the respective system after the transport in order to be able to execute it manually.

The more elegant solution on this point is the setting NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE in RSADMIN. This setting ensures that the process chains set to immediate start are not executed.

RSADMIN can be editd via the transaction SE38 using the program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN.




In the opening maintenance screen, enter NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE as object and X for value. From the options below, Update has to be selected in order to overwrite the existing settings.




By clicking on the confirm button, the setting is executed and stored in the database.

Implementing Settings Across Systems

In order to make the settings available on other systems, it still has to be transported. To this end, a transport is created in the transaction SE01. The following object can then be added in the settings.




In case of table contents, a key of the contents to be transported always has to be transferred, as well. The pertinent setting can be opened by clicking on the key button. NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE is selected as key in order to transport the setting for the process chains.




After all settings for the transport are saved, it is ready and can be transported into the various systems.

In the next part of the series, we will take a closer look at the parameter