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Forward-Looking Campaign Management in Online Gaming

Starting Situation

The daily increasing competition does not only require the development of new and intelligent marketing strategies in industries such as e.g. telecommunications and financial services; campaign management is also becoming increasingly important in the online gaming sector. One of the leading businesses which specialized on the development and publication of online browser games meanwhile has approximately 130 million registered players worldwide.  Principally, the online browser games are made available to the users free of charge, unrestrictedly and on a permanent basis. In this context, each player is free to attain gameplay benefits by purchasing items or in-game currencies during the game. But users who do not wish to use this opportunity are also supposed to benefit from the full pleasure of online gaming, which is why particular attention is paid to optimal gameplay fun and balance even without the use of chargeable features.  

In order to constantly optimize the customer's CRM environment, b.telligent has set itself the task of evaluating a solution provider individually suitable for the customer. b.telligent has recently created a current market overview of campaign management solutions, among others for projects of this kind. In addition, b.telligent acts as important contact person in order to optimally advise and support the clients during the project.

Solution Approach

As objective basis for the evaluation, b.telligent was able to refer to both its many years of expertise and to the market overview on campaign management tools. In this context, it became quickly apparent that the campaign management solution PeopleStage by Apteco combined with the Apteco Discoverer best meets the customer's requirements. In particular, the focus on the analysis and process control as well as the flexibility regarding the linking of different email service providers were ultimately decisive for the decision. Within the scope of a proof of concept, the customer's technical requirements in the productive environment could subsequently be proven by means of the Apteco solutions.


After the successful search for a suitable solution, b.telligent was ready to commence the implementation of the software solution. After installation of the solution, the dispatch of emails via the linking of PeopleStage to an email service provider can now be used as main communication channel.

In this context, a particular difficulty was the challenge that the emails are to be dispatched to 30+ different language areas, respectively. With the newly implemented campaign management solution, however, this is no longer a problem.


In order to finally successfully complete the closed loop in CRM, a robust performance reporting is required in order to efficiently and successfully manage the campaigns. In this respect, the solution by Apteco brings along some board tools; however, the customer should examine whether its requirements are fully covered by these tools.

In addition, further employees connected to the CRM receive a profound user training in order to anchor the newly created CRM processes in the business in a sustainable and long-term manner.