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CDP providers at the focus: Evergage

About Evergage

Evergage was founded under the name Apptegic in Boston in 2010, with the aim of collecting and analyzing user data on web pages and in web applications, in order to allow individual customer experiences in real time across all channels. After it was able to reach the finals at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield in May 2012, the cloud-based service was released. Re-branding to Evergage took place a year later, in August 2013. Since the year 2015, artificial intelligence has refined A/B and multi-variate testing options, as well as product and content recommendations used by Evergage for personalization. Since 2018, the company has been expanding in the DACH German-speaking region of Europe. Evergage is currently a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines. Furthermore, the solution was listed by Forrester as a strong performer for b2b customer data platforms, and has just won the MarTech award in the area of CDP. Its customers include Walmart, Neiman Marcus, Abercrombie&Fitch, VW, Dell, Lenovo, as well as other brands from the sectors of retail, finance, tech, travel and entertainment.

Customer data platform - categorizing Evergage

Evergage's emphasis is clearly on collecting and analyzing user data obtained online, in order to use these in real time for personalization at websites, in mobile apps, and as part of e-mail marketing. It is possible to enrich the data obtained online with further data, for example, from call centres, data warehouses or in-store purchases. These data are used to create a homogeneous profile of each customer with the help of identity stitching. This profile as well as context-related data serve as a basis for creating affinity models as well as predictive scores (pre-calculated probability for a user segment).

Via machine learning, not only product and content recommendations are generated, but the proper channel for this purpose is also recommended. This allows individual campaign management with A/B testing, as well as multivariate testing at the website. In addition, the generated segments can be conveyed to the appropriate channels in a 1-to-1 context.

The customer data platform of Evergage can therefore be assigned as follows among the CDP categories: 



CDP key features

The Evergage customer data platform contains the following key features:





Numerous standard connectors for CRM and ERP systems as well as web analytics tools and ad networks are supplemented by the option of integrating ETL, SDKs and APIs. A complex data model is not yet present, though.


Insight segmenting in the tool and predictive alerting are possible. Connectors to BI and data warehouses, as well as a data science workbench for Apache Zeppelin, Spark, Python, and R are provided for deeper analyses.

Engagement (web)

Evergage is an engagement CDP with extensive segmentation possibilities supported by machine learning, and campaign management functions tailored to 1-to-1 addressing.

Highlights of the Evergage CDP

Highlights of Evergage are processing of data in real time, machine-learning recommendations and resultant 1-to-1 hyper-personalization, as well as a structure also allowing b2b use cases.

Real-time processing

Online data can be collected and processed in real time by Evergage. This allows true 1-to-1 personalization which also takes into account user behaviour at the website.

1-to-1 personalization

Evergage's strength is on-page personalization which processes user behaviour in real time and thus individualizes user experience at the website. The user is identified at the website and thereby receives personalized content. Based on the user's behaviour at the website, content can be adapted continuously to their needs. For example, the home page displays a particular product video with reference to previously visited pages. If this video has already been watched, an appropriate subsequent video is shown. This personalization is also possible in e-mails. When an e-mail is opened in this case, its contents are compiled suitably in accordance with the user's interests. This makes it possible to associate personal data with context-related data.



Machine-learning recommendation

Evergage uses artificial intelligence which continuously recalculates, and thus constantly optimizes, its scoring model for segmentation on the basis of user behaviour. This machine learning technology can be used not only for real-time personalization, but also proposes the engagement channel with the greatest probability of success for the next communication step. This also allows efficient selection of channels during campaign management.

Target group

Companies with a strong focus on digital business, in which website personalization plays a central role, should take a closer look Evergage. Evergage should be considered whenever 1-to-1 addressing of customers is desired, also via further digital channels.

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