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CDP providers at the focus: Commanders Act

About Commanders Act

Founded originally as a tag management solution under the name of TagCommander in 2010, this platform grew in terms of customer base and functionality to such an extent that it was rebranded to Commanders Act on its seventh birthday in 2017. Since then, the TagCommander (tag management), FuseCommander (cross device / ID matching), DataCommander (real-time data activation), MixCommander (live user journey analysis) and TrustCommander (consent management / privacy) have served as a basis for a comprehensive consent management and customer data platform. Commanders Act is used in 17 countries worldwide by leading brands in eCommerce, such as Decathlon, Clarins, MyTheresa and Promod, as well as customers in other industries such as Air France, Allianz, AXA, Europcar and Disneyland. In addition to its headquarters in Paris, France, Commanders Act has offices in Munich, Hamburg, Milan and Madrid.

Customer data platform – categorizing Commanders Act

With its tag management approach, CommandersAct focuses clearly on collecting real-time data in compliance with privacy regulations at websites and within the digital customer journey. A fusion of user identities (online and offline data) in combination with deduplication, helps obtain a comprehensive perspective of the customers and consequently improve user experience across all touch points.

The customer data platform can be assigned as follows among the various CDP categories: Data (web / tag management)


CDP key features

The Commanders Act customer data platform incorporates the following key features:





When it comes to data collection, MixCommander focuses on digital campaigns. TagCommander can be used to easily tag on-site and app elements in order to collect the relevant data. DataCommander collects on-site data. FuseCommander can be used to match cross-device and cross-channel user-IDs. TrustCommander covers the requisite privacy aspect through ascertainment and management of user-consent already during data collection.


Rule-based segmentation, integration of BI models and prediction are possible. Visualization, reporting, and advanced segmentation are available only through third-parties.

Engagement (web)

CommandersAct offers extensive possibilities of on-site activation and integration of external online service providers (real-time bidding, DMP feed, re-targeting, social, CRM, BI, etc.). 

Highlights of the Commanders Act CDP

Special highlights of Commander Act are the tag manager with integrated consent solution, real-time processing of data and increased efficiency via own attribution models.

Tag manager with integrated consent solution

TagCommander is a tag manager with integrated consent solution offering enormous advantages in managing and controlling opt-ins and opt-outs. Tags are simply linked to the consent and can be prioritized. As a result, data points at the own website and in the course of the digital user journey can be easily registered, and processed in the CDP in compliance with data privacy requirements. Optionally, the tag manager can also be installed also on the server side.

If a different tag management system is already in use, it is directly possible to use the CMP or CDP components of Commanders Act independently of TagCommander, thanks to the modular system.

Through integration of CDP and CMP, customers can control campaigns selectively via channels for which user consent is available, and close gaps in acquisition of consent.

Real Time

Another highlight is the processing of data in real time with the help of DataCommander which allows customer data to be segmented without any delay, and conveyed to the delivery channels. 

Custom attribution models

MixCommander can be used to closely examine the customer journey, and increase marketing efficiency with the help of own attribution models. Via an integrated live report builder, MixCommander furthermore enables analysis of attribution models and channel performance almost in real time (1-minute delay), with an unlimited number of dimensions and analysis levels.

Target group

Commanders Act should definitely be considered for projects with an online focus requiring elegant coupling between consent management and tag / data management, as well as real-time data processing.

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