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Dörffler & Partner now part of the b.telligent Corporate Group

Munich-based management consultancy for data and analytics takes a majority stake in the data warehousing specialist.


Munich, July 9, 2020 - b.telligent, one of the DACH region's leading consulting companies for data and analytics, is expanding its market position. On July 6, 2020, the company acquired a stake in the management consultancy Dörffler & Partner. The consultancy, which specializes in data management and has 11 employees, is now part of the b.telligent group of companies.

In what some might consider an unusual move in these difficult times, the Munich-based consulting firm b.telligent is now joining forces with its competitor Dörffler & Partner based in Mühlhausen. However, both sides believe the takeover has come at just the right time: "We have been in talks with Dörffler & Partner for some time," says Sebastian Amtage, founder and CEO of b.telligent. "We have projects where our close cooperation will be of benefit to both companies." As a result of this move, b.telligent will increase its presence in the market, while Dörffler & Partner can expect to benefit from the size and reputation of the group.

Klaus Blaschek, the other founder and managing director of b.telligent, says: "The diversity of our customer and partner portfolio has helped us to make it in good shape through the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. We now want to take advantage of the tailwind as the economy starts to recover over the next few months and are very pleased to have the great team from Dörffler & Partner on board to help us do this."

Milestone: new office in Hanover

Christian Hädrich and Timo Cirkel, managing directors of Dörffler & Partner, are also pleased with the merger: "We have worked successfully on joint projects and events with b.telligent in the past and have always been impressed with the great spirit of teamwork that marked these collaborations." Hädrich is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with b.telligent on the increasingly complex challenges of data management. "From business intelligence to data warehousing, right through to data science," adds Cirkel, "b.telligent and Dörffler & Partner expect to gain extensive synergy effects that will result in even better support for our customers."

The takeover promises a further benefit to customers of both companies: "In Dörffler & Partner," says Blaschek, "we are gaining not only additional expertise in the field of BI and data warehousing but also – once the team has completed its move to Hanover in the summer – an additional b.telligent office. This will be a significant benefit to our clients in Northern Germany."

On the same wavelength, professionally and personally

Even leaving out the technological aspects, the benefits of the takeover are clear to all four managing directors. "When working together over the past few weeks, we noticed that Dörffler & Partner enjoyed an informal and appreciative corporate culture," says Amtage. "This is fully in line with our own values and our views on working together." One aspect that was always very important to everyone involved was that: "the working relationships of mixed teams from b.telligent and Dörffler & Partner should be fully functional right from the start. We and our new colleagues are convinced that shared cultural values are an essential part of making this happen.


About Dörffler & Partner

As an end-to-end BI consultancy, Dörffler & Partner covers everything from planning to implementation. Its main focus is on data modeling, data vault modeling and DWH automation. The company and its 11 employees work mainly in the automotive, banking and insurance sectors, including for major customers such as VW Commercial Vehicles, Versicherungskammer Bayern and VGH Versicherungen.



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